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  • Regular uploads to make the YouTube channel known

Once you’ve uploaded a handful of videos, don’t be surprised about an under-visited channel.
A channel can only become known if many videos lead to it.
So upload new videos at regular and as short intervals as possible. The majority of subscribers reach your channel through your videos.

  • YouTube channel: Be new and exciting

In addition to the number of videos, the quality of the videos is also important: do not advertise your channel with many clips if the videos are not exciting.
A channel is visited when viewers like what you show them. So think about what you want to show and if there are enough people who might be interested in it.
Try to be brave and address topics that are still “unexplored”. New things are exciting and everything that is exciting attracts attention for your channel.

  • Tip on the correct appearance of your YouTube channel

It’s not just the content of your channel that matters, the appearance is also important.
Attract potential subscribers with a great design and memorable logo.
On YouTube, many users offer channel designs including a logo for a few euros or completely free of charge in exchange for advertising.
Good quality videos also count for good appearance. You should therefore upload your videos in HD whenever possible. In another practical tip, we’ll show you how to convert and edit videos in 4K.

  • Advertise the YouTube channel discreetly

The simplest solution to make something known is of course advertising. So try to attract visitors to your channel by drawing their attention to you.
To do this, get in touch with people for whom your content is tailored. Simply posting the link of your channel will not help. Try to address your target audience in a meaningful way in forums or blogs.

If there is a topic you have a video about on your channel, mention your channel on the side. If your content is good, word will get around quickly.
Find channels and users who are in a similar subject area as you and are interested in working together. In YouTube networks, partners often set a link to someone else’s channel.
The two channels advertise each other without spending any money. Everyone benefits from each other’s reach.
Of course, this principle also works with websites, Facebook pages and Co. In another practical tip, we will show you how to add a free WordPress blog to your projects.

Also read how to verify your YouTube channel in order to, among other things, upload longer videos.

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