YouTube Shorts will fill the shortage of TikTok, launched in India | by infodible | Sep, 2020


You will find a large song library on Youtube Shorts. By using this you will be able to create your own short video. Also, in the Creator tool, you will find many types of tools, with the help of which you can further enhance your video.

It has been nearly three months since the short video creation platform TikTok was banned in India. Many native app makers have launched their short video platforms over these three months. Not only this, Facebook has also launched Instagram Reels. After Facebook, Google has now launched its short video making platform Youtube Shorts in India.

TikTok had around 200 million users in India. Youtube has now rolled out its Youtube Shorts in India to provide a short video creating platform to these users. Come, know whether it will be able to replace TikTok or not?

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The special thing in this is that from Youtube’s huge library, users will be able to get videos and music clips. With the help of its timer and countdown function, users can shoot video in multiple frames without pressing the button. Youtube has promised that many features will be added to this platform in the coming weeks. It has been rolled out for Android users. It will soon be rolled out for iOS users.

YouTube Shorts will fill the shortage of TikTok, launched in India

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