5 ways brands are using Twitter’s new conversation controls


Everyone on Twitter now has the opportunity to choose who can reply to their Tweets with the introduction last month of new conversation settings.

We wanted to give people more control over their conversations starting with the ability to hide replies. It brings a new dimension to conversations on Twitter, and we’ve already seen people using the control settings in new ways, and start conversations that weren’t possible before. The change offers the possibility of more meaningful conversations on Twitter while still allowing people to see different points of view. 

Brands have been quick to explore the possibilities provided by Conversation Controls and have found a variety of ways to use this new tool. We’re seeing brands have fun with and be creative as they take to Twitter to share their messages. 

1. Sharing Values

Heineken (@Heineken_UK) has shown how brands can use Conversation Controls to make a public statement about a sensitive issue without starting a debate. In this Tweet, @Heineken_UK promoted a strong positive message around responsible drinking using the #SocialiseResponsibly hashtag.

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2. Brand messaging

Marks & Spencer (@marksandspencer) showed how the new options can be employed for brand communications without the risk of generating negative feedback or spoilers.

@marksandspencer let its gin and tonic do the talking in a celebration of Father’s Day.

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3. Q&A

Some of the new ways we see conversations develop can be seen in this example here from English Football League (@EFL). It held a Q&A session for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek with broadcaster and speaker Charlie Webster (@CharlieCW). 

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4. Driving discussion 

What could be better than getting a few close friends together for an invite-only chat, which can still be enjoyed by everyone on Twitter.

That’s precisely what @KitKat did. It got together with @SNICKERS, @Starburst, @twix and @Skittles to consider a question of significant importance.

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5. Getting Creative

We’re also excited to see how some brands have been using Conversation Controls to be more playful, and get creative.

KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) used the change to tease its fans about the return of its old fries, which were much missed by some.

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We enjoyed this one from Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) as it posed a football question with a twist.

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