Best Online Fax Services Reviews of 2020


With so many digital communication methods at our disposal, faxing might seem a bit outdated. But businesses and individuals alike still need to send and receive faxes. 

Don’t have a traditional fax machine? No problem. 

Online faxing services make it easy to transmit documents without any bulky equipment, paper, or ink. These services are incredibly convenient, cost-effective, and easy to use. 

Whether you’re someone who just needs to send the occasional fax or you’re trying to modernize your entire business, this guide contains the best online fax services on the market today.


Best Overall Online Fax Service

Start faxing from your computer or mobile device. Electronic signatures, file sharing, and 24/7 customer support. Plans from $16.95.

The Best Online Fax Services to Consider:

  1. eFax
  2. RingCentral Fax
  3. SRFax
  4. MetroFax
  5. mFax
  6. Nextiva vFax
  7. MyFax
  8. Fax.Plus

When it Makes Sense to Invest Into Online Fax Services

Anyone who needs to send or receive a fax can invest in an online fax service. From high-volume business faxing to infrequent home office use and everything in between, online faxing services can accommodate a wide range of needs.

With so many businesses shifting to remote work, it’s not practical for every employee to put a fax machine in their living room. But online faxing services don’t require any bulky or expensive equipment. 

Even if you just need to send the occasional fax for personal use, an online fax service will be the perfect solution to accommodate your needs. 

The best online fax services let you send and receive faxes via email, web portals, or mobile apps. So anyone can use these services with the tools already at your disposal; all you need is an Internet connection. 

#1 – eFax Review — The Best Overall Online Fax Service



Best Overall Online Fax Service

Start faxing from your computer or mobile device. Electronic signatures, file sharing, and 24/7 customer support. Plans from $16.95.

eFax is our top recommendation for online faxing services. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, it’s one of the most popular solutions on the market today.

With eFax, it’s easy for anyone to send and receive faxes using a computer, smartphone, or tablet—no fax machine required.

You can start sending faxes in just a few minutes when you sign up for eFax. They have local, toll-free, and international fax numbers available for you to choose from. 

In addition to basic online faxing, eFax offers advanced features like electronic signatures, large file sharing, and unlimited online storage. You’ll even have the ability to share files with up to 20 recipients simultaneously. 

eFax also has exceptional customer support. If you need help, you can reach a customer service representative via phone, live chat, or ticket support, 24/7.

There are two main plans for you to choose from:

  • eFax Plus — $16.95 per month
  • eFax Pro — $19.95 per month

With the Plus plan, you can send 150 pages and receive 150 pages per month. Those limits jump to 200 pages with eFax Pro. For high volume faxing, HIPAA compliant faxing, and BAA faxing, you can request a quote for an eFax Corporate plan. 

eFax does require a $10 setup fee, but you’ll get two months free with an annual contract. 

#2 – RingCentral Fax Review — Best For High Volume Faxing


RingCentral Fax

Best For High Volume Faxing

Unlimited faxing capabilities. Bundle your faxing services with conference calling, video meetings, and team messaging. Starts at $17.99.

RingCentral is an industry leader in the business communications space. So it’s no surprise to see them rank so high on our list for their faxing services.

This solution is perfect for businesses that want to ditch their outdated fax machines for a modern solution. 

All you need is an Internet connection to send and receive faxes from your computer, phone, or tablet. RingCentral uses strong encryption methods and security policies to ensure that your faxes are safe. 

With RingCentral, you can start faxing immediately when you sign up; RingCentral has instant activation. Send faxes to multiple recipients, attach files from cloud storage services, design custom cover sheets, and access detailed fax logs. 

Pricing is simple. RingCentral just has one fax-only plan available—Fax 1500.

For $17.99 per month per user, you’ll get 1,500 free fax pages per month. Additional pages cost $0.049. The plan comes with a local fax number, cloud integration, web support, and phone support.

For unlimited faxing, upgrade to RingCentral Office. This plan bundles fax, phone, and video services into one. In addition to unlimited fax pages, you’ll also benefit from unlimited calls, texts, conference calling, video meetings, and team messaging. RingCentral Office starts $34.99 per user per month.

RingCentral makes it easy for you to add additional fax numbers, 800 numbers, and vanity numbers to your plan as well. 

Try RingCentral free for 15 days.

#3 – SRFax Review — The Best Online Fax Service For Healthcare Providers



Best For Healthcare Providers

HIPAA-compliant faxing with plans to accommodate a wide range of monthly faxing volumes. Starts at $7.95 per month.

Security is a top priority when it comes to transmitting sensitive patient records and medical information. Healthcare providers must use a HIPAA-compliant fax service.

That’s why SRFax is a top choice for hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies, and any business in the healthcare field. 

SRFax goes above and beyond in terms of their security measures. They provide user authentication, robust application security, organizational safeguards, hardware safeguards, backups, and more. 

You’ll even have the ability to set your account to automatically delete fax data once it’s been delivered. These features exceed HIPAA regulations. 

SRFax has plans to accommodate organizations of all shapes and sizes.

  • Healthcare Lite — $7.95 per month (200 pages)
  • Healthcare Basic — $10.95 per month (500 pages)
  • Healthcare Plus — $16.95 per month (800 pages)
  • Healthcare Standard — $30.95 per month (1,500 pages)
  • Healthcare Standard Plus — $49.95 per month (2,500 pages)
  • Healthcare Professional — $92.95 per month (5,000 pages)
  • Healthcare Professional Plus — $185 per month (10,000 pages)
  • Healthcare Professional Premium $395 per month (20,000 pages)

The monthly page limits are for sent and received faxes, combined. Additional pages start at $0.035 per month. Save up to 17% off your plan with an annual subscription. 

This solution is really only a viable option for healthcare professionals. I wouldn’t consider using it for other business purposes. 

Try SRFax free for 30 days.

#4 – MetroFax Review — Best Online Fax Service For Small Businesses



Best For Small Business

Keep your existing fax number and get started with no activation fees. International faxing to 170+ countries. Starts at $9.95.

MetroFax is another popular option in the online faxing space. Its simplicity and low pricing make it a top choice for small business use.

I like MetroFax because it’s so flexible. There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, or minimum commitment requirements. You’ll have the ability to fax multiple recipients simultaneously and fax internationally to 170+ countries.

MetroFax has an exceptional mobile app. This gives you the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere. 

Another top benefit of MetroFax is the ability to transfer your existing fax number. This is perfect for small business owners that want to upgrade from a traditional fax machine. You’ll also have a web-based admin console to manage permissions and settings. 

Here’s an overview of the MetroFax plans and pricing:

  • Essential — $9.95 per month (500 pages)
  • Best Value — $12.95 per month (1,000 pages)
  • Professional — $35.95 per month (2,500 pages)

These rates are some of the lowest on the market today, especially for entry-tier plans. Monthly page limits are for all combined sent and received pages. Save 20% with an annual contract.

Try MetroFax free for 14 days.

#5 – mFax Review — Best Online Fax Service For Multiple Users



Best For Multiple Users

Modern interface and feature-rich online faxing service. mFax offers several ways to fax, starting at $7.

mFax is one of the most robust solutions on our list. This service gives you the ability to fax from a wide range of Internet-enabled devices, including physical fax machines. Options include email to fax, web browser, Fax API, FaxBridge, and print to fax. 

For those of you looking for a secure, reliable, and feature-rich online fax service, mFax will be a top choice for you to consider.

mFax has arguably the best interface in this category. Plus, they have plans to accommodate teams with multiple users. Other services in the online fax space charge you on a per-user basis, but mFax builds multi-user capabilities into its plans. 

  • Solo — $7 per month (250 pages; 1 user)
  • Team — $20 per month (500 pages; 5 users)
  • Business — $40 per month (1,000 pages; 15 users)
  • Infinity — $80 per month (2,500 pages; 50 users)

The per-page rate is a bit high compared to other services on our list. But you won’t have to set up multiple plans for your entire team, which saves you some money if you need multiple users to access your online fax service. 

Try mFax free for 14 days. 

#6 – Nextiva vFax Review — The Best Cheap Online Fax Service

Nextiva vFax

Nextiva vFax

Best Cheap Online Faxing

Starting at $4.95 per month, Nextiva has some of the lowest prices in the industry. It’s a great option for basic business faxing needs.

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution for online faxing, look no further than Nextiva vFax. 

Nextiva has a wide range of products for business communication, including phone services, live chat software, and team collaboration. All of these, including vFax, are solid choices for small businesses.

Nextiva vFax is a safe and secure way to manage your faxes online. You can get incoming faxes delivered straight to your inbox of choice, and even set up text alerts when a new fax arrives. 

Keep your existing fax number and use Nextiva vFax from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or physical fax machine. 

Nextiva has some of the lowest rates in the industry for online faxing:

  • vFax Essential — Starts at $4.95 per month (500 pages)
  • vFax Professional — Starts at $12.95 per month (1,000 pages)

Overall, Nextiva does lack some of the more advanced features we’ve seen with other solutions. But for basic online faxes at rock-bottom prices, it’s worth considering. 

Try Nextiva vFax free for 30 days. 

#7 – MyFax Review — Best Online Fax Service For Home Offices



Best For Home Office

Starting at $10, MyFax is a simple an affordable solution for low-volume faxing. It’s easy to get started, and faxes are delivered to your email inbox.

The vast majority of online faxing services are made for businesses. But most individual users won’t need those extra features.

MyFax has a home office plan that’s perfect for both business and personal use. Rather than buying a fax machine for your house, use MyFax as a cost-effective alternative. 

Sending and receiving faxes with MyFax is simple. Even if you’ve never used an online fax service before, getting started is easy.

Here’s an overview of the MyFax plans and pricing:

  • Home Office — $10 per month (send 100 pages; receive 200 pages)
  • Small Business — $20 per month (send 200 pages; receive 200 pages)
  • Power User — $40 per month (send 400 pages; receive 400 pages)

There’s no activation fee or long-term contracts required. You can cancel at any time. 

MyFax isn’t great for high-volume users. But for personal and home office use cases, it should more than enough to accommodate your needs. 

Try MyFax free for 14 days. 

#8 – Fax.Plus Review — Best Cross-Platform Online Fax Service



Best Cross-Platform Fax Service

Manage online faxing from multiple platforms, including Slack, Zapier, and G Suite integrations. Advanced features and international faxing to 180+ countries.

Fax.Plus is one of the most popular online faxing services in existence. The solution is trusted by more than one million users across the globe.

It’s reliable, secure, and accommodates international faxing to 180+ countries. 

Fax.Plus stands out from other online faxing services because it’s supported on such a wide range of different platforms:

  • Web app
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Email to fax
  • Fax API
  • Slack app
  • Zapier integration
  • G Suite app
  • Chrome extension
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets

The service is robust and feature-rich as well. You’ll benefit from scheduled faxing, an integrated phonebook, extension dialing, online signatures, mass faxing, and more. 

Here’s a brief overview of the Fax.Plus plans and prices:

  • Free — $0 (10 pages)
  • Basic — Starts at $4.99 per month (100 pages)
  • Premium — Starts at $9.99 per month (300 pages)
  • Business — Starts at $14.99 per month (800 pages)
  • Enterprise — Starts at $49.99 per month (3,000 pages)

The cost for additional pages per month ranges from $0.20 (free plan) to $0.03 (Enterprise).

For those of you who want to keep your existing fax number, Fax.Plus will port you over for free. They also offer add-ons for vanity numbers and additional toll-free or local numbers.

Methodology For Choosing The Best Online Fax Service

There are certain factors that you should be evaluating when you’re shopping around for an online fax service. This is the methodology that we used to narrow down the top picks above. Weigh these factors according to your personal needs as you’re finalizing a decision.

Faxing Volume

How often do you send and receive faxes?

With the exception of one or two unlimited plans, every online fax service has monthly limits on their plans. We’ve seen those limits as low as 10 pages per month and as high as 20,000 pages.

If you go over the limit, you’ll be charged on a per-page basis, which can add up quickly. So make sure you find a plan that fits within your volume needs. 

Multiple Users

Are you looking for an individual faxing service for personal use? Or is this a business plan that will be used by multiple team members?

Some services are clearly intended for accommodating multiple users and businesses. Depending on the provider, you’ll either have a specified number of users bundled into your plan, or you’ll be billed per-user.

Mobile Support

Every online fax service on our list allows you to send and receive faxes from the web. But you should also be looking for mobile faxing as well. 

Not every app is created equally; some are definitely better than others. The best way to see which one you like the most is by taking advantage of free trials.

E-Sign and Additional Features

Most online fax services offer more than just online faxing capabilities. 

Electronic signature is definitely a feature that many people look for as they’re shopping around. But other common features include online storage, international faxing, file sharing, and more. Some providers even bundle their faxing services with other solutions like team communication tools and video conferencing. 

Only look for features that you’ll actually use. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth it to pay extra for a feature-rich plan. 



Best Overall Online Fax Service

Start faxing from your computer or mobile device. Electronic signatures, file sharing, and 24/7 customer support. Plans from $16.95.


What’s the best online fax service?

eFax is our top overall recommendation. It has all of the features required to accommodate the widest range of possible use cases at an affordable price point. 

But with that said, there are plenty of other great options to consider. Use the recommendations and methodology described in this guide to find the best online fax services for you.

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