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The most popular video-sharing website in the world is YouTube. YouTube basically a video-sharing website. More than 2 Billion users us Youtube every month. First, we will learn about Youtube before discussing Youtube tips.

various Information on Youtube

As we learned earlier, Youtube is basically a video sharing website. YouTube was founded on 15 February 2005. The type of YouTube is a video hosting service. YouTube is headquartered in California, USA. Susan ozchiki is the CEO on YouTube.

Tips-1: Topic Selection

Topic selection is very important to start your YouTube career. Because by choosing a specific topic you can achieve success on youtube very quickly. Now it is very difficult to achieve success on Youtube.

There are various topics on YouTube. Examples: Music, funny entertainment, gaming, many movie channels, many technologies tutorial, etc. You can start a youtube channel by selecting the topics above. You can start a YouTube channel by making a video with the subject you have more experience with.

Tips-2: YouTube Channel Name Selection

YouTube channel name is very important on YouTube success career. Because the channel’s name is the foundation of a channel. So I have put the topic of YouTube channel name selection in the second tips.

I will now give you an idea of how you can make a name selection for your YouTube channel. You will select the name of the YouTube channel according to your topic selection. SEO Friendly will fix a name for your YouTube channel.

Tips-3: Create Channel logo and banner

The logo and banner of a channel enhance the beauty of a YouTube channel. If you are a logo designer then you can easily create a logo and a banner for your Youtube channel.

You can create a title logo and banner for the YouTube YouTube channel according to your topic. You can create a logo and banner with adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. It is the best YouTube tips way.

Tips-4: Video Making

If you want to earn money YouTube then you have to makes good videos. You need to make videos according to your specific topic. Because if you open a gaming channel, no entertainment video can be uploaded. A good video will take your YouTube channel to a good rank.

Tips-5: Proper SEO

Proper SEO is very important to rank your YouTube channel. Proper SEO is very important not only for YouTube channels but in all cases.

If you can receive proper SEO then your YouTube will rank and get enough visitors. You will use a specific description specific tag to your YouTube channel and video. So you can use the proper tag and description on your YouTube channel.

Tips-6: patience and hard work

You can get not success in youtube career without patience and hard work. So you must keep patience and hardworking. If you earn money on YouTube? Please visit the YouTube official page and create a YouTube channel.

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