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If you have a channel on YouTube or you are watching someone’s video and you want to share it, it is very important to copy the link, I will tell you in this article how to find YouTube URL on android?

YouTube is a huge business. People are making a lot of money by creating channels on it. But creating a channel on it is so easy. It is very difficult to come up with a video lyric on whatever you upload to it. People share videos from their channel and YouTube to get views. You need the URL of your channel or video to share. So that’s why today I will tell you how to find YouTube URL on android?

Now here are two places we can copy the link. Some people do mobile standby and some people do computer standby. If you want to know, how to find YouTube channel URL on android? how to copy my YouTube channel link on pc read this article in full.

Link Or URL

The link and the URL are one and the same thing. If you want to share any video that you will copy the URL it is also called link.

How to Find YouTube Video URL on Android?

There are two types of URLs. One is that you share the URL of your channel and the other is that you share the URL of whatever video you have uploaded to your channel. If you get views, here I will tell you where you can copy the URL of your YouTube video.

If you want to know how to copy your YouTube channel link on iPhone? So, let me tell you the same way on Android and iPhone. You can also copy the link on the iPhone by watching the step below.


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