How to identify fake influencers in an efficient way? | by Darren Zhao | Jul, 2020


Influencer marketing grows so fast in 2020, more and more businesses invest budget in this marketing method. These groups of influencer marketers become the scarce resource of the companies.

In my opinion, a professional influencer marketer needs the following skills:

1. Spot fake influencers

2. Dig out influencers related to the niche of business

3. Data analysis

4. Communication and bargaining ability

Only by doing this can you stand out from the crowd and become a professional influencer marketer? However, when you get the skill of spotting fake influencer, it means that you have the ability to help your company save money, meanwhile, you are one step closer to becoming a professional influencer marketer. In this article, we are going to learn more about identifying fake influencers in an efficient way.

Who are fake influencers?

First of all, we need to have a clear idea of who the fake influencers are. Fake influencer is the social media accounts that have a large number of followers but has usually low engagement rates. How they do this? Some of them get followers via sub for sub interest groups, others may buy followers, and engagement to make it look like to the person is influential. Fake influencers will hurt the marketers and waste money on companies by driving low traffics. Is there any way to measure the quality of a social media account? Absolutely yes!

Some important index you need to know to measure a channel

For YouTube channels

1. Trends of view & subscriber growth

2. Average views

3. Views/Subs

4. Engagement rate

In addition to the number of subscribers, these 4 indexes above are also important as well.

The trends of views & subscriber growth can help us know if a YouTube channel is healthy or not, just imagine that no one is willing to work with an influencer who is losing followers right?

Average views index is usually equal to the estimated impressions we can get from influencers, if an influencer has a large number of subscribers but has greatly low views, there’s a high probability that the influencer has too many fake fans. According to the voice of some professional influencer marketers, they prefer to use the median views of the last 10 videos to predict how many impressions they will get from a YouTuber.

Views/Subs always reflects viewers’ activity and content popularity, it is a good way to measure the percentage of active followers of a social media account.

Engagement rate it the most effective index to know if an influencer can arouse its followers of not.

Tik Tok and Instagram can also do it in the same way, what to do is changing the video to post. However, is there any efficient way to complete the calculation automatically? Noxinfluencer can help you well.

This website has all the index I mentioned above, just use the influencer search engine to track 12M global social media influencers in a few seconds.

Use channel analytic to check the views & subscriber growth curve of a social media account.

Video analytics can help us know the Views/Subs and average views. By the way, we can get the engagement rate at the end of the tab or the avg. engagement rate on search results.

Utilize Noxinfluencer, just say goodbye to the hard work and go your first step to become a professional influencer marketer!

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