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It is often said do not judge a book by its cover but meanwhile the cover is the source of attraction to stimulate you to read the book. First impressions are really important. YouTube is platform known to attract audience with its visuals. It is believed that the audience respond well to a content which is curated using great visuals. It is important to attract viewers to your content at just a glance which might intrigue them to watch your video.

Here comes the role of a thumbnail. Thumbnail is a term coined by graphic designers for representation of a larger image in a small version. They are usually formulated to make it simpler and quicker to look at or manage a group of larger images. It is the miniature version of such group of pictures. Primarily YouTube thumbnail is the cover photo of your video. It is called a thumbnail because a small version of your content in this form of graphic will be displayed in the search list or in the list of recommended videos. This is the first thing a visitor will notice while browsing the content they are looking for and the deciding factor whether to watch your video or not. YouTube will automatically generate three thumbnails from your video which could be suitable for your content which might be exactly what you need but sometimes they can a bit blurry because they are taken out from your video. Thumbnails are equally important as the video titles to enhance your search engine optimisation results as well as maximize the impressions on your video.

The ideal size of a YouTube thumbnail:-

Before knowing any further details about thumbnails, the ideal size of the thumbnails should be discussed first. According to Google’s own recommendations, your image must be 1280*720 pixels with a minimum width of about 640 pixels. The ratio of 16:9 is considered to be the most feasible choice for Youtubers and is often used in YouTube players and previews. Also you should keep in mind that your thumbnail size will be small while its shown in the searches but eventually gets expanded when you preview the video suggestion. Therefore you should always opt for a larger image size that would be scaled down rather than a smaller image which would be scaled up.

Other technical details that you should keep in mind while using thumbnails are:-

They should be in .JPG, .PNG or GIF image formats

Your image file should be under 2mb size limit.

How to use Thumbnails?

A thumbnail on YouTube is the introductory part of your video. You need ensure to take full advantage of its features and utilize them in the best possible way. Apart from making great content for your niche audience, you should also keep in mind some important points that would help you target to a wider segment of audience efficiently.

  • Convey the subject of your content properly via thumbnails
  • Compel the viewers by intriguing their minds to tap on the thumbnail and watch your video
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors. Opt for unique and creative ideas.
  • Ensure that they are optimized for all types of devices.

Benefits of YouTube Thumbnails

  • Boost video Conversion Rates:- apart from multiplying the traffic on your channel, thumbnails are important in providing your video conversion rates the much needed vigorous thrust. The viewers would click on your video after watching your thumbnail. If you ace the art of making a perfect thumbnail then it would directly impact your view conversion rates.
  • Optimise your search engine results:- to augment your branding skills as well as improve your optimisation results you need to attract the attention of the viewers. A thumbnail is a small snapshot of your video and s a vital aspect of garnering attention from the users. During search results if you have a nice thumbnail then it would stimulate viewers to watch your content thereby maximising the traffic and reach of your video.
  • Spread your content and message via thumbnails:- thumbnails are virtual posters that speak a lot about your content and your video. Therefore they are true essence of your content and you should settle for a general one. You should customize it according to your to improve the potent reach of your video.
  • Promote interactivity:- thumbnails can be actively used to promote interaction with your viewers. The clickable feature of thumbnail makes it attractive as well as easy to promote friendly interactions. It acts as a billboard making your video more entertaining and pleasing for users to enjoy.
  • Save space with thumbnails:- you can convey a lot of information briefly with your thumbnails. The small preview of thumbnails can be essentially used as a trailer of your video before revealing the final look. They allow the users to assert control over what type of content they would prefer to watch.

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