How Does YouTube Videos Spy Tool Help Marketers? | by Liam McLean | Jul, 2020


In the world of the web, a marketer must perform like James Bond to reveal the secrets of successful advertising & branding. For doing so, they can either use compelling spy tools for quick results or waste a lot of time in manual operations. When it comes to initial branding, YouTube is determined as the best platform to reach more potential audiences in less time among the renowned social media networks.

But, the question arises is how can someone track their competitors’ YouTube campaign and fetch ideas to recreate their strategies. A simple answer to this question is- using the Youtube videos spy tool.

Before you proceed, it’s mandatory to choose the right tool for optimal results. This guide will let marketers find out ways to attain triumph and make the most out of YouTube campaigns.

Benefits of Youtube videos Spy Tool.

Youtube Videos Spy Tool

Snooping your competitors is indeed a beneficial deed. In this context, a spy tool effectively eases up the entire proceedings by unveiling valuable information. To date, several competitor analysis tools have been already introduced in the market with unique abilities to track high-engaging YouTube videos in your niche.

With an appropriate tool on the table, a market doesn’t need to spend a lot of time and effort as he used to do before. Instead of wasting much time in using a Facebook ads finder for investigating your competitors, use some intelligent tools that cool your jets.

List of Youtube Videos Spy Tools You Must Take a peek.


PowerAdSpy is the leading ads intelligence software that contains gigantic databases of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and now YouTube. The best part, you can start a ‘free trial’ without sharing credit card details, unlike most of the tools. This smart tool identifies the ads that deliver a good chunk of profit to the ads of your competitors. In this way, you can easily derive ideas for setting up advantageous ads designing policies.


SEMRush is a well-known name among businesses since it has unique features of competitor analysis and ad tracking. As a newbie users can use this spy tool to list out their competitors’ backlinks along with Google search engine ranking of ads. SEMRush attracts more and more marketers due to its simple dashboard, which is often missing in most of the tools.

Sprout Social

Since social media is defined as the most effective means of reaching your customers, Sprout Social ranks as top tools of the present time. This tool allows you to learn competitor social media campaigns from different perspectives. No matter if you want to catch a glimpse of YouTube ads or make a thorough study, Sprout Social works best in any case.

Social Blade

Social Blade is an outstanding tool that tracks down even renowned brands on social media. It analyses the metrics of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to present more precise data to the advertisers for creating high-engaging ads. For instance, Social Blade identifies top ads based on grades and runs them in your feed.


With a dominant tool like Awario, businessmen can keep an eye on various aspects of their business. It includes the investigation of social media platforms where your competitors remain engaged most of the time, how do your competitors post on their advertising campaigns, and also the mode of distribution. This tool also lets users set up alert notifications so that they can get valuable insights from the content of competitors.


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