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In November 2019, I attended a keynote session where the speaker declared that we are in the golden era of Youtube. I watched multiple 20 somethings hop on stage and describe how they were making six figures from posting videos of their hand doodling on a page. True story. My eyes were opened, and I walked out of the session enlightened. I created a Youtube channel in January 2020 and it recently became monetized in June 2020. It was an experiment, and it worked. And if I can do it, so can you. Here are my 5 tips for creating a successful Youtube channel in 2020.

Choose a niche topic that already has an audience

What value can you provide to the world? Which one of your interests can you capitalize on to entertain or educate people? This may be a philosophical question, but a necessary one. Ideally, choose a topic that has an endless stream of content possibilities, like sports news for example. There will always be more sports news to discuss or analyze. Research your competitors and look at what content is performing well within your niche. Your challenge will be to make this type of content in your own way and optimize it.

Watch Youtube tips videos religiously

There’s a lot to learn, and luckily many Youtubers dedicate their entire channel to providing valuable tips that can help you get monetized. Dive into the specifics and binge these videos. Learn as much as you can about fair use, Youtube rules, how to make great thumbnails, and SEO.

Optimize your SEO

Youtube is a search engine, in fact, one of the most powerful in the world. Smart YouTubers constantly think in terms of keywords. They repeat their keywords in titles, descriptions, tags, and even in their channel name. Creating a great video without optimizing the SEO is like dressing up with nowhere to go. It’s a waste of energy and effort. Why get 200 views when you can get 10,000?

Be persistent (don’t be a flake)

Consistency is king. Some of your videos will not perform well, especially in the beginning. Don’t let this get you down. Youtube wants to know that you’re not a flake and that you’re consistently producing great content. Ensure that you post at least once a week, if not more. Whatever you do, do not stop posting. Along the way, you’ll get better at editing and you’ll find your groove. Soon enough, one of your videos will start to do especially well, and you’ll be on your way to success.

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