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As the world is getting digital, digital marketing plays a vital role to succeed in any business. Digital marketing can be done in various ways, but social media plays an important role in digital marketing. Before we learn the “why” let’s see the “what”

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Social media is a website or an application that enables users to create and share content, images, videos with others, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, etc. This platform also helps to advertise your business product or services. Advertising done on this platform is known as social media marketing.

The importance of social media has increased tremendously as never before.

Some of the reasons why social media marketing is important.

Global outreach:

There are billions of people on different social media platforms around the world. With the help of social media, businesses can go online and can target many audiences worldwide within a short time. This enables businesses to reach a huge consumer base. It’s very easy to target your customer on based their demographic, interest, behaviour on social media platforms.

Brand Awareness:

Social media helps to increase brand awareness. If you publish posts about business or share some images about the business on the right channel, people will know about your business and eventually will increase brand awareness.

Increase Conversion:

If you choose the right channel to post about your product or services, it will attract the audience to visit your website. It is more likely this attraction may lead to conversion.

Instant Customer Feedback:

As you can interact with customers on social media via messaging, discussing, or commenting on the post, it’s very easy to get the proper feedback from the customer about your product or service.

Considering all the points above, make sure that social media marketing is a part of your digital marketing strategy.

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