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The video creation platform teamed up with the National Association for Media Literacy Education—a network of educators, scholars, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders in the field of media literacy—as well as its creator community on the videos.

The company said it continues to work with experts and leading organizations, including ConnectSafely and the Family Online Safety Institute, to hone its approach.

The five Be Informed videos debuting Thursday are:

  • Fact vs. Opinion, which helps users determine whether statements are expressing truths or beliefs.
  • Question the Graphics, which challenges people to analyze visual images and graphics.
  • Question the Source, which asks users to find out who is authoring the content they’re watching.
  • Question Your Bias, which reminds users to consider how their personal experiences may influence their beliefs.
  • When to Share vs. When to Report, which encourages users to pause and question whether the content should be shared.

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