Youtube Advertisements to enter the age of automation | by Dishab | Jul, 2020


Can we automate youtube advertisements?

Imagine you are surfing youtube, and you end up watching a video related to fitness. The next thing you know is numerous ads of green tea, and other healthy products are filling in later when you watch other videos, you’re getting multiple suggestions of various apps related to the same.

Youtube is the most popular video streaming app across the globe. Being in the market for a long time now, it has managed to attract the attention of almost all age groups starting from 5-year-olds to 70 years; it is everyone’s favorite. It has all sorts of content, be it for knowledge or entertainment.

These factors have made youtube one of the best social media platforms for advertising and marketing. Along with this, the various targeting tools provided by the medium make it easier to channelize your campaigns efficiently. At times it is annoying to have to watch so many video ads ( sometimes you can not even skip them), but you cannot deny the fact that these ads have played a robust role in helping you recognize a brand.

There are various ways you can advertise on youtube like overlay advertisements, skippable/non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, true-views, banner ads, and many more.

Do you know you can now create banner ads easily without the help of any sort of agency? Plus the adoption of automation in the creative field has smoothened the process making it more convenient.

How do you create a banner ad? Let me explain.

The first most vital step is to find your target audience, the ones you created these ads for; your prospects. Finding the target audience saves time, efforts, money, and ensures effective results. List down the demographic and psychographic aspects ( age, gender, likes, caste, marital status, etc.) of your anticipated customers.

Second is to create a banner that hooks them and makes them ‘want to click it’ For this, you can use various softwares that enable banner creation. You know, you can also automate these banner ads. All you have to do is fill in your requirements, and the software would create a banner that serves your purpose. You can check out the link I have mentioned above or google banner ad-creator.

Include a call to action. But make sure to avoid the mainstream CTA, create one that best serves your purpose. Be clear about it.

To create simple, easy, and quick youtube ads; check this blog by one of my colleagues.

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