Jump into the $1 billion podcasting industry with just your computer


The podcast industry is predicted to grow to over $1 billion in 2021. Now’s the time to jump into this lucrative market.

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Podcasts are big business. In 2018, the podcast industry generated over $479 million; that number is predicted to grow to over $1 billion in 2021. With major players like Spotify, Parcast, and Gimlet Media all developing tools and platforms for podcasts, there’s a lot of room for growth.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an expert in a particular niche, developing your brand, or sharing your thoughts for pleasure, starting a podcast is an ideal way to get your message out (and make some money along the way).

Earn Extra Cash

Joe Rogan recently signed a deal worth over $100 million to bring his uber-famous podcast to Spotify. Back here on earth, podcasters like John Lee Dumas, creator of Entrepreneurs On Fire, nets over $100k a month, while Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat podcasts generate over $1 million a year. Even independent endeavors can be successful: the conspiracy theory-debunking podcast, QAnonAnomyous, receives over $17,000 a month from loyal patrons. Whether through ads, subscribers, or patrons, there are plenty of ways to monetize your podcast.

Reach a New Audience

The top reason people don’t start an audience is that they don’t have an audience. Yet podcasts are the perfect vehicle for growing a fanbase. And you can impact your listeners in a meaningful way. While blog posts average 700 words and require five minutes of reading time, podcasts average 35 minutes (roughly 5,000 words of content). People prefer listening over reading, so you’re much more likely to reach (and grow) an audience through podcasting while getting more bang for your buck in terms of content generation.

Low Cost of Entry

The real barrier to entry in podcasting is in providing value, not the cost of production and equipment. You can start a podcast for a few hundred dollars. Podcast providers like Castos offer free services via WordPress. WordPress is free, so when you buy a hosting plan for a website, you can run the entire podcast backend at no cost. A Yeti Blue USB microphone is a minor investment, while editing software like Garageband is free (if you own a Mac). Of course, there are many ways to spend a lot more money on podcast production, but the cost isn’t a barrier to entry.

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Authenticity is an important consideration. Putting Yourself Out There touches upon the art of expression. Instead of trying to “fake it,” you’ll learn how to authentically transform your passions or business into stories your audience wants to hear.

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