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Hello there, If you are thinking to start a new youtube channel you need to improve your video editing skill. Actually I don’t have much time for that. That’s why I thought I need to hire a video editor. So how should I find a video editor?. After a result of 2 days of research, I found the best site to hire a video editor. The website is called Fiverr. The best freelancing website ever. You can work as a freelancer or you can hire a freelancer. So let’s jump into my main story.

Then I log into Fiverr and search for a video editor. There were thousands of video editing services available at that moment. After that my biggest problem was how should I find the guy who can work with me for a long time. I scrolled down and looked for someone. Then I found a guy with an eye-catching video in his gig. So I visit his gig and looked at how this seller is. He has 5 out of 5 good reviews. Then after I started to chat with him. After that, I decided to hire that seller as my youtube video editor. Because he understood English very well and friendly communicate with me. Also, he quickly responded to my messages. That’s why I decided to work with him. After that, I told my requirements to him and place the order. OMG! he is super fast. Within 2 days he delivered my video. Actually I shocked for 5 minutes because of that. If I start to edit a video it takes about 4 or 5 days to complete the editing. So I watched the video that the seller send me. I can’t believe my eyes. Oh! I forgot something. before placing the order the seller told me to give him a sample video. So I went to youtube and send the sample video to him. The final video exactly looks like the sample video. I approved his video and gave him a 10$ tip for the video and gave him a good review. He was super happy about it. And I told him I selected him as my full-time youtube video editor. Now the most emotional part begins. He charges 20$ per video. As I told him I selected him as my full-time youtube video editor he agreed with 15$ per video. He was a very kind person.

That’s the story about my youtube video editor now I have 130k subscribers and still, that guy is my editor. This is my youtube channel and look how creative that editor is - If you like my videos don’t forget to subscribe.

And finally, Are you looking for a youtube video editor I definitely recommend that seller to hire him. This is the link to his profile -

So thank you for your valuable time. Have a nice day!

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