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Leaked Letter to NFL by Native American Leaders Demands Immediate Action on Redskins Name

In a leaked letter that was sent to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, stakeholders and public officials Monday, Native American leaders demanded the league take immediate action to change the Washington Redskins’ name. The letter outlines seven “non-negotiable” steps the league should take, including banning “all use of Native imagery, names, slur names, redface [and] appropriation of Native culture.”

It’s the latest move in an accelerating push to change the name, and follows 87 investment firms asking Nike, FedEx and PepsiCo to end their relationships with the team unless the name changed, which led to FedEx asking the team to review the name. By Friday, owner Dan Snyder and Ron Rivers said they were reviewing the name. The MLB’s Cleveland Indians also followed suit with a review of its own.

Read the leaked letter: The seven key measures Native American leaders are demanding of the NFL.

Online Shopping Scams Have Been on the Rise Amid the Pandemic

Ecommerce scams have seen an exponential increase in 2020, with complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau over no-show orders, unresponsive vendors, disappearing online stores and more. At first it was easy enough to brush off the complaints as problems with demand, the supply chain and other pandemic-induced delays, but as the complaints have racked up, it has become clear that many purchases have been made—from electronics to clothing to cat food and even houses—without the product ever existing.

Avoiding scams: The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to only order from websites they’re familiar with.

Want People to Keep 6 Feet Away? This Agency’s Distance Couture Is the Perfect Solution

Distance Couture is a limited edition line of tongue-in-cheek shirts, developed by U.K. agency AMV BBDO and designed by artists to raise funds for Britain’s National Health Service. Designs include declarations that the wearer is an anti-vaxxer, a manspreader, an over-sharing parent or a “pub bore. The goal? To scare people away so you can maintain a healthy social distance.

See more of the designs: AMV BBDO creatives Lauren Peters and Augustine Cerf say they created the shirts to be “basically PPE for civilians” because they keep others away.

Colin Kaepernick Lands First-Look Deal at Disney

Ra Vision Media, Colin Kaepernick’s production company, has struck a first-look deal with The Walt Disney Company for programming about racial justice and equity. The programming, which will showcase the work of directors of color, is the latest measure Disney is taking to create “diverse and inclusive content that resonates and matters.” The first project, which is already in the works, will be a docuseries about Kaepernick’s own journey with the NFL and protesting racial injustice.

A “historic partnership”: The deal extends across all Disney properties including ESPN, Hulu and Pixar.

OK Boomer: Why E-Retailers Should Pay Attention to This Demographic Post-Pandemic

Despite their preference for in-store shopping, boomers will need to order online more as the pandemic continues. This demographic controls 70% of disposable income in America, which means that ecommerce needs to find more ways to meet their needs, according to Ryan Wuerch, founder and CEO of cashback app Dosh, who penned a new Voice piece detailing five ways to target boomers online. “When ecommerce players look to buy ads, they need to zero in on platforms that keep boomers’ cash-saving perspective in mind while making those shoppers’ lives easier—all while enabling their retirement dreams to remain realistic,” Wuerch writes.

Warming up: Focusing on transparency, privacy and educating boomers on ecommerce principles will help them adapt to digital shopping.

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Ad of the Day: Rian Johnson Directs an Ad for Pokémon Go

It’s not uncommon for celebrity directors to take on large-scale advertising, but you might not expect a high-profile touch when you’re watching the latest, fairly modest ad for Pokémon Go. But the spot was directed remotely by Rian Johnson of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Knives Out fame, who is a big fan of the game and plays it while social distancing.

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