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Want to become an influencer or just want to show your skills to the world or do you aspire to become famous? What do you think is the most important ingredient to churning out the best YouTuber tag, talent, or hard work? It is neither, to earn those golden and diamond buttons you need to first build your audience i.e. subscribers. So who are these subscribers and how can they propel you ahead. That’s what we will be discussing in this article today.

Who is a YouTube subscriber?

A subscriber is an individual with an account on YouTube that has subscribed to your channel and has chosen to follow your content to get updates about your latest feeds to watch the videos you upload. A subscriber can become an ardent follower who shares your videos with others fetching you more views and likes. Having a big subscriber base is essential for creating a powerful community online or as the YouTubers refer to as an online family.

Hold Up!!! Before we jump into becoming the most subscribed YouTuber we need to address the basic principles of being a YouTuber.

We hereby Pledge:

1. To be consistent: Regular activity and uploading of new videos and sharing it with the subscribers will increase the traffic and views and will lead to higher subscriber count

2. Provide value: Research what the public wants, better the research better will be the content of the videos and higher would be the page visits. Don’t be shocked by the fewer views if the video doesn’t speak to the viewers. Each video needs to deliver your best content and should keep the subscribers on their toe for the next drop.

3. Be expressive: The video needs to engross the viewer. Your video needs to be entertaining, the only way to engage the audience is by not being boring. Use your creative mind to role out the content in an engaging and entertaining format.

If you follow these principles half the work is done, and seeing result with the strategies will be easy.

The Strategies!!!

1. Don’t forget to subscribe!!

Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel and press that bell icon for video notifications. Don’t be shy, the easiest way to increase subscriber count is to ask for it.

Tell them why, what and how should they subscribe and what are they in for.

e.g. Please subscribe for a daily punch of laughter and freshly brewed content.

2. Keep them curious:

If you have created a valuable content the viewers would want more of it. At the end of the video mention the one you will be putting out next, this is an act of anticipation i.e. hyping up the next video making sure they don’t want to miss it for the world

3. Be Interactive:

Form a relationship with your audience, React to their comments, thank them for their feedback and give them shoutouts.

Isn’t it exciting to get a reply back from a star! So go ahead and make them feel special.

Once you form a bond with the subscribers and viewers, they will put forth plenty of free ideas for your next video content, being regular to the comment section will lead to a better understanding of the audiences and what they want.

4. Yes!! we reached a new milestone.

Set a goal of the number of subscribers you want and celebrate it with your audience, everyone loves a round number. Thank the subscribers that helped you reach the milestone and promise to come up with better and more exciting content.

5. Set up a Payoff

The most exciting strategy to attract new subscribers is to be creating a payoff. Once you set a milestone, people will jump on board to help and support you to accomplish the goal. One of the best ways to increase your audience reach with little to no effort is a free giveaway.

I can promise you that you are going to have a lot of fun doing it.

6. Custom Thumbnails:

We have been warned, but we still do it. We judge a book by its cover. The thumbnail is like a cover of your video and hence should be engaging. Video thumbnail plays an important role in determining whether the audience wants to play your video or not.

A smiling human or a cheerful dog as a thumbnail can do the magic as people easily relate to them and would be eager to see what the video has.

7. The partnership goes a long way.

Inviting guests to your videos is one of the easiest ways to leverage a bigger audience. Take advantage of your audience’s trust. Collaborating with other Youtuber will lead to their audiences being engaged and will result in a significant increase in your subscriber count.

Use your connections and partner with other creators to role out super exciting videos.

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