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Since the introduction of Amazon’s signature virtual assistant Echo, powered by Alexa, customers have engaged with brands differently and with ease. Increasingly, consumers are getting more comfortable using voice-enabled devices to help with tasks like shopping.

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According to research conducted by Amazon last year, 39% of customers said they were quite comfortable starting their shopping journey in one channel (Alexa, for example) and ending it in another, like a physical store. About half said they would recommend a brand if it offers a seamless cross-channel experience.

At nitronet’s Future of Shopping event today, managing editor and director of video Chris Ariens chatted with Leah Holzman Glass, head of global merchant marketing at Amazon Pay, to discuss how connectivity is changing the shopping habits of consumers—and how you can get your business ready for it.

“I think what’s really exciting [for businesses] is just a different level of engagement with customers,” Glass said. “As we move forward, a lot of things aren’t going to change, but I think one of the things that has the potential to change is the visibility to engage with customers in the moment, which could be a differentiating thing for businesses.”

Watch below for the full session.

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