How I Got My First 1000 Subscribers In 6 Weeks (10 Actionable Steps)


Did you know that, on average, it takes 22 months to reach the first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

And I reached my first 1000 subscribers in a month and a half.

I started this YouTube channel on April 29th in 2020 and I became a 1kcreator on Jun 12.

It took me 6 weeks and 2 days to have my first 1000 subscribers on Youtube.

So I got so many questions on “How I grew my YouTube channel so fast”

And to be honest, this is not my first Youtube channel.

Back in december, I started a YouTube channel and I only got 20 views

So I studied YouTube for one month and started this new channel and NOW all of my YouTube videos are getting more than 1000 views.

I promise you that I’ll give you 100% actionable steps on how I grew my Youtube channel fast, I’m telling you these 10 steps actually work.

So if you don’t want to spend almost 2 years to get 1000 subscribers, watch this video until the end.

I recently decided to become a millionaire by MAKING MONEY ONLINE

So on this channel,

I will document everything I do to make money online and share the results with you.

  1. Follow all the competitors

The first thing I want you to do, is to find popular YouTubers on your topic.

For me, I search “Make money online” on Youtube and subscribe to all the YouTubers that I found on the search result. I follow over 80 YouTubers talking about money and financial freedom. So I recommend you to find at least 30 YouTubers to follow and turn all the notification bells on so you can be the first one who leaves a good comment on every new video.

And this works so well that as you can see, 66% of my traffic is my channel page.

So this is how it happens

When the big Youtubers upload their videos, I get the notification and I watch the video as soon as possible and leave a really good comment, then people start to like my comment, which makes my comment appear on the top of the video. Then, those viewers who’re interested in making money online will come check out my channel page and click on my videos.

I get a lot of comments saying “ Hey I saw your comment on this YouTuber’s video and I decided to stop by.”

Literally, this is how I got most of my subscribers and it works, but before you do this, there’s one thing that you have to do first.

  1. Targeted YouTube Channel name

Make your channel name LONG and Specific.

If your channel name is just your name, people will not know that you have a Youtube channel so even if they see your comment, they will probably not click on your channel.

My channel name used to be a : Jade Choi _ Make Money Online Challenge. This is very long and SPECIFIC. I added my target keyword “Make Money Online” so when someone sees my comments on other make money online youtube videos, they’re likely to check out my channel as well.

When I chose my channel name, I looked up a lot of related keywords to see which one fits me the best with the HIGHEST SEARCH VOLUME. I can show you how to find your keyword step by step but I don’t want this video to be too long so if you want a video about how to create a YouTube channel name, please leave a comment below.

  1. HIDE the subscribers number.

People tend to subscribe to Youtubers with higher subscribers than a few subscribers. Like when you see someone with over 100,000 subscribers, you think like “Oh this person must be popular and have great contents!” But when someone sees 100 subscribers, you may think “Oh she only has 100 subscribers” and might hesitate to subscribe. Trust me that happens. So I hid my numbers until I hit 1000.

To hide your subscribers number.

Go to YouTube Studio page.

Go to settings.

Click on channel.

Then advanced settings.

Under the subscriber count, un-check the box says: Display the number of people subscribed to my channel.

Then you can hide your subscribers and you check them later when you have over 1000 subscribers. .

Now you have some traffic on your channel,

Next, you need good content to turn the viewers into your subscribers.

4. Research at least 10 KEYWORDS before you make a video.

I research keywords on YouTube BEFORE I make a video and check if there’s a demand. For example, for this video. I search “how to get 1000 subscribers fast” and see the score. Not so good so I add space. Now I got a better one. With this free Youtube SEO tools VidIQ and TubeBuddy, I can see other high score keywords right here listed for me. Both VidIq and TubeBuddy links are in the description. They are free tools so you can add them to the Google chrome extension to find your targeted keywords. These 2 free tools save my time so much that I highly recommend you to install them.

So I copy some high score long keywords and I paste them into my script. I use pick the best one for the title and put the rest in tags when I upload the video.

5. write your script with a HOOK.

I have this script in order. And there’s a HOOK in the beginning of the video. People watch a video for 15 seconds and if they don’t like it, they just leave. So we need to give them the reasons to watch this video in the beginning so we can make them stay longer. My hook of this video was showing you guys that the average statistic of hitting 1000 subscribers and the result of me reaching 1000 subscribers in 6 weeks. And that’s why you’re still watching this video.

6. Over 10 minutes

According to backlinco’s research, longer videos tend to rank higher on YouTube. The average length of a video on the ranking on the first page on YouTube is 14 minutes 50 seconds.

This is because YouTube officially announced that video’s total watch time is a key ranking signal. And the longer videos are more likely to get the higher total watch time than the shorter videos. So try to make your videos over 10 minutes long.

7, Minimize your intro

Making a 14 minutes video is hard. But don’t put a 3 minutes intro in your videos. One of the most important factors on YouTube is the audience’s retention. My average retention is around 30% which isn’t so good. Most people only watch 2–3 minutes of my videos and just leave without getting any value from my videos. So to avoid that, I try my best to minimize my intro and get straight into my point in less than 2 minutes.

So now you uploaded your video, it’s time to tell the world that your new videos are out!

8. search your keywords on Twitter and reply to popular tweets.

So I go to Twitter and search “Make Money Online” and find a popular tweet and reply with my youtube video, then I hit the like button so I know that I already replied to that tweet. We don’t want to spam other people’s tweets so be careful to not spam anyone. As you can see my top 2 external sources are Twitter and Facebook. So it is definitely a good way to promote your video.

9. share your videos on Facebook groups.

After I upload my video, I promote my videos on two types of facebook groups. The one that related to my topic, make money online, and the other the pages for small youtubers. But please don’t do any sub 4 sub. I avoid doing that to not get banned on YouTube and it won’t help your channel grow in the long-term anyway. You want to build organic subscribers.

When some other small youtubers come and leave a comment saying let’s support each other, it’s hard to say no. So I do subscribe back but don’t go out there and find people to do sub4sub. It won’t help your channel to grow.

10. Reply on every comments

This is just so basic. Reply to all of the comments that you get. That person just used his or her valuable time to support your channel with a comment! Always appreciate every single comment and tell them how much it helps your channel. Plus, the engagement of the videos are super important so boost that engagement with your replies on their comments.

So those are the 10 steps how I got my first 1000 subscribers in 6 weeks. It is a small milestone but I was happy to see the possibility of me being a 1m creator on YouTube and I’ll try harder to grow more on YouTube until I hit that 1 Million subscribers!

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