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With safety concerns foremost on people’s minds, consumers aren’t approaching brick-and-mortar shopping as a casual activity, according to Stefanie Jay, vice president and general manager of Walmart Media Group.

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“They’re shopping more efficiently,” said Jay in conversation with Danny Wright, nitronet’s chief brand officer, during today’s Future of Shopping event. “It’s less about leisure shopping. Social distancing is clearly something that they’re concerned about.”

As a result, people are both trying to minimize their trips to the store while also buying more per visit, Jay said.

“When you don’t have to worry about safety and you don’t have to worry about running into other people and [risking] your health, you might go to the store a couple of times a week,” Jay said. “People are planning more. They’re thinking ahead.”

During the pandemic, the retailer has also seen a massive adoption of online shopping. During its fiscal quarter ending April 30, Walmart reported that U.S. ecommerce sales increased 74%, thanks in part to its buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) service as well as delivery. Watch the full session, here:

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