Why Making Authentic Connections Is the Future of Marketing – nitronet


The role of marketing and brands today is not the same as it was even six months ago. There are the swings in marketing staffing and budgets, new expectations for how brands should behave and an increasing need for authentic connections.

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nitronet’s chief community officer Nadine Dietz has been tracking these trends and getting to the heart of marketing, hearing directly from top global CMOs and leading marketers for years. In fact, Dietz recently hosted two virtual CMO symposiums where marketers shared common challenges and unique solutions they’re applying now and into the future.

Last week, she spoke with David Meltzer, host of The Playbook podcast from Entrepreneur, to share her thoughts on what’s happening today and her tips for success. Find out how she continues to stretch herself through her personal board of advisors, the advice her Dad gave her and why she “never surrenders.”

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