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Today I will be sharing with you how SMM helps to grow and expand your business. And make sure you stay until the end for two extra special tips for social media marketing that no one is talking about. There are some insights that I am going to share here with you in this article that helped a lot of organizations to get more followers, leads, customers, and sales on their social media platform. I will also talk about the top three social media marketing tools that are mainly responsible for drawing growth and expansion for businesses around me. Let’s get into the story of social media marketing and see how it can help you to grow and expand your business.

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Facebook: Number one social media marketing tool is Facebook ads. It is by far the most profitable type of advertisement on planet Earth. Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users which makes it absolutely crazily profitable. Facebook was just recently evaluated at over $54 billion.

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A small portion of Facebook is worth more than most companies. Your current and future customers are o Facebook. Facebook ads are absolutely explosive right now because of their massive returns. Facebook paid advertisements to help to put your brand name and your business in front of potential customers. You can come up with your own targeted ads that will circulate on a specific demographic. You can edit, update, modify these demographics easily. There is robust analytics that keeps a keen eye on the ad’s performance as to what’s working and what isn’t. You take easily strategic decisions when necessary. Your KPIs are neatly laid out. You get exact numbers of weekly reach, clicks, conversions, post engagement, page likes and even sales. You simply need to evaluate them and decide your next move. Facebook ads make it easy to find new potential leads. It will help you create a consumer profile that has already been proven to be the best for your business. From its wide pool it will help you find lookalike audiences. This will draw traffics who are comparatively more likely to make a purchase from you.

LinkedIn: It is one of the biggest professional networks in the world, with more than 380 million registered users. It will give you a platform where you can share updates, news, upcoming events, and more about your business. The network allows both you and your potential customers to connect to professionals in your industry. You can post daily updates and blog posts to increase visibility of your brand. It is an amazing social media marketing tool if your company is selling a B2B product or service.

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At present, businesses prefer to work with businesses they know and have confidence in. Your social media marketing efforts offer the chance to develop the identity and prestige of your company while also creating a reputation for insightful leadership in your niche. Through LinkedIn, you can make your brand credible and trustworthy through openness and engagement. For example, you can expose your company culture which will work as proof of your competency. This will help to create trust and brand loyalty. Through LinkedIn, you can share links to your website and landing pages. It is recommended to go with engaging content as it will board more people to peek into your business. This way you can increase your traffic. The more preference your contents get, the higher are the chances for your lead generation.

YouTube: YouTube has a total of 1.3 billion users. This is nearly one-third of all internet users. YouTube users stream almost five billion videos every day. These figures are on a rise every single day. This gives you a great opportunity to reach millions of people who are your targeted audience. Just like Facebook, you can also select your demographics here. If you have little knowledge about digital marketing, then I believe you know how powerful Keywords are. YouTube allows you to use specific keywords relevant to your content and ads. You can work on these options to gain or avoid association with videos that you don’t want.

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One advantage you will have is to turn your company into a self-driven machine if you play your social media marketing game on YouTube right. YouTube also has its analytics that helps you to keep track of everything. It will align you together with the people important to your business. When you do this right, your social media marketing strategy would be a success with great incentives for your marketing efforts in general.

The beautiful thing about social media marketing is you just need to say YES to correct things at the correct time. Probably your business doesn’t actually specialize in marketing and you do not have capabilities and resources with which you can take care of the social media marketing efforts. In this scenario, you must seek someone who specializes in social media marketing services and can work on your behalf to attracting new customers. This way they can do social media marketing services for you and you can focus on your core products. Businesses like restaurants, dentists, lawyers, insurance companies are a few names of businesses that every major city has. They focus on what they do best. Dentists are good at making your teeth clean, lawyers are good at legal terms, doctors are good at treating your illness but they are not specialists when it comes to actual social media marketing. BJIT can help you from scratch. We promise to help you make more money than it costs to have our work for you. We are the trusted name for any SEO marketing projects. Other than SMS/SNS marketing, we also provide digital marketing media solutions such as video marketing, email marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing and so on. Our SEO marketing solutions are keyword analysis, rank checking, site crawling, backlink and paid search analysis. We never say we are the best digital media marketer in the industry. But yeah, we have been having a lot of good results for our clients. We would be happy to set up an appointment to see if we could help your business. Our 19+ years of experience can promise you results so it is zero risks on your part.

The world around you has started to change and has become more and more digitally oriented. It becomes much more important to actually have an online presence so that your customer can find you whenever they need. With every single day that passes, it is becoming more and more critical for businesses to have a strong online presence. Now I will talk about what I had promised at the beginning of this article. Yes, two extra special tips for social media marketing strategy. So, the hack is to test new social media marketing ideas. You never know which one will work best for you. The second tip is to draw the right balance between paid and organic advertising efforts. Always measure and optimize your social media marketing efforts to maintain forward momentum.

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