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How to Make Money on YouTube, According to Expert

Intro to Making Money on YouTube

We can all agree on the fact that YouTube has its own separate kingdom on the internet. Many YouTubers have made a name for themselves in the past decade and some even became millionaires by earning some serious amount of money. From making vlogs to gaming videos, YouTubers are using this platform to show off their creativity through all sorts of videos. Many videos go viral every day on the internet and the owners of the video get well-paid because of their content’s popularity.

Now, we all know coming up with creative, new and engaging content is not an easy job. If you’re enthusiastic about making content, then making money won’t be that much of a problem for you. However, opting for the most suitable methods to monetize your YouTube channel can be a challenge for beginners. So, in this article, you can learn about getting your YouTube channel started and then getting it monetized after it gets some recognition.

Setting up your own YouTube channel

First things first, you have to decide the type of videos you will be uploading on your YouTube channel. The options are almost endless. Unboxing videos, Vlogs, Educational videos are all popular at this age. You can decide based on your interests and budget. The niche must fascinate you and you should be passionate about working on it. Get an idea of the level of competition you will be facing by checking how many YouTubers make similar videos to your niche. You can get a lot of info from similar channels. See what makes those channels attractive and how the YouTuber keeps their audience interested throughout the videos. Choosing a niche that is popular worldwide instead of a single region would be a plus point for your channel. If you want more help in figuring out the niche of your content then taking the YouTube Creator’s Course would surely be of help.

In the beginning of your career as a YouTuber, you will have to invest some money in the production of your videos by buying the necessary equipment for recording or editing your videos. The right equipment will make your videos stand out and attract viewers. You can also hire experienced freelancers to write scripts for your videos or edit them. You can easily get these services from Fiverr or Upwork.

The next step is to get your YouTube channel verified. This process is done only to prove to YouTube that you are not a robot and the content posted on your YouTube channel officially belongs to you. Getting your account verified is also a straight forward process. All you need is your own phone number.

● Firstly, go into the settings of your YouTube account.

● Now click on the “View additional features” option shown below Your Account.

● Click on the “Verify” button shown on the bottom of your name.

● Now you will have to put your country’s name and type your phone number. You can either choose to get a text message of the 6-digit code or a phone call from YouTube. Keep your phone nearby for the verification code.

● After you get your verification code from your phone, type it in the text box and enter.

● Once you’re done with verifying your account, you will see a mark next to your channel’s name that shows that your channel has been verified.

Marketing your YouTube channel

Attract viewers by using custom thumbnails for your videos. You can use photoshop to design your own thumbnails. Get an idea on designing a thumbnail, by browsing through popular YouTube channels. The title of the video plays the most important role in getting viewers. Coming up with an SEO friendly and attractive title would get you more views and hence more subscribers. Make sure your title is short and straightforward.

Do not forget to interact with your audience regularly. Make polls, contests, giveaways and always give importance to the feedback of your viewers. Ask them to engage with your content and support your channel by liking and sharing. Advertise your YouTube channel on other social media platforms and let your friends and family know what you have started.

Remember to post regularly on your YouTube channel. Your audience might give up on you if you take long breaks in between. So, make sure you post from time to time to let your audience know that you are working hard for their support.

If you personally know anyone that has their own YouTube channel or any other page on social media, ask them for shot-outs and get your channel more subscribers. Collaborating with other YouTubers would be a plus. See if you can get them to make videos with you and make your channel relevant.

There are always tons of guides on the internet from successful YouTubers that teach beginners to get their YouTube channel started. You can check out this guide here for more ideas.

Monetizing your YouTube channel

There are several ways of monetizing your YouTube account. YouTube pays you according to the views you get on your videos and the number of subscribers you have on your channel. The most basic way of earning from YouTube is through the YouTube Partners Program.

The YouTube Partners Program allows you to have access to monetization and copyright features. The eligibility criteria for you to join this program is to have at least 1000 subscribers, 4000 valid watch hours, and an AdSense account. If you do not have an AdSense account, you can simply create one by clicking here. You will be needing your AdSense account to get paid. Your account must also follow YouTube’s guidelines and policies before you can monetize it.

To get started with the monetization process, go to your YouTube channel and click on the icon displayed for your account. Now you will see a YouTube studio option. Clicking on it will take you to the YouTube Studio screen and you can now go for the Other Features option. Lastly, click on monetization and then Start.

Waiting for the approval

You will now have to wait to get an official monetization approval from YouTube. You might have to face some issues in getting your approval. The process is lengthy and there is always a chance that your monetization request might get rejected from YouTube. This happens mostly due to the videos already uploaded on your channel.

If you get rejected, you will get an email that tells you what’s stopping your approval. However, the email does not actually point out to the specific video that led to your application getting dismissed. The only solution to this problem is to sort out the current content on your channel and review it. Here is a helpful page solely for the purpose of assisting rejected YouTubers on how to get your channel approved for monetization.

Earning through Ads

The amount of money you earn through ads depends on the content you’re posting on your channel. The less sensitive videos you post, the more advertisers will trust your channel with their ads. Make sure your content is free from profanity and vulgarity or you might not be eligible to earn from ads. Advertisers prefer family-friendly videos in terms of selling their product or services.

A drawback you are going to face is that YouTube does not pay you if your audience does not click on the ads or view them. The only solution to this problem is YouTube premium. Pitch the idea of YouTube Premium to your audience and convince them to get a membership. If you can get views from a YouTube Premium member you will automatically get your cut of money from their subscription fee.

Affiliate Marketing & Brand Advertising

Marketing for brands can open new doors for you and get you better deals. Be sure to take full benefit from these opportunities and make the most suitable deals. You can also earn money whenever your audience uses promo codes to buy the product you have been advertising. In conclusion, marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from YouTube.

Selling Merchandise

Your merchandise should be unique and attractive to your audience. Consider printing phrases you use in your videos on t-shirts or selling mugs that have your channel’s logo on them. Don’t forget to ask your audience’s opinion through polls and Q&A sessions about the type of merchandise they would buy. Always wear, promote or use your merchandise in your videos. It will surely help in boosting your sales. You can also use YouTube’s Merch Shelf feature to get some help in selling merchandise.

Other ways to earn money

  1. Copyrighting your content. If any of your videos go viral on the internet you have a chance to earn money from this. You can simply license your content and we all know that media platforms are always in line to get their hands on viral content.
  1. Crowdfunding & fan support. Having a loyal and devoted fanbase can be a blessing. You can get your audience to support your videos through crowdfunding or donations. Many YouTubers use GoFundMe to get new equipment for recording their videos and improving the quality.
  2. Channel Memberships. You can convince your subscribers to get channel memberships that come with additional features such as custom emojis and badges. Your viewers will pay you in return for these members-only features. This would require you to come up with an effective plan in convincing your fans to sign up.

Do not annoy your viewers

So here is one of the most important factors you need to take care of especially when advertising or promoting other brands in your videos. Do not annoy your fans by constantly telling them to support you or to buy a certain product. Your marketing can overshadow your content and this would result only in your channel losing subscribers and views. Ads and annotations should pop up at the right time in your videos such that the viewer does not lose interest. Your viewers should be curious to watch the videos until the end.

Make sure you stay active on YouTube but don’t post pointless videos just to let your audience know that you still exist. Quality content is what keeps you noticeable. If you’re out of ideas then give other similar channels a visit. Keeping up with your competitors will only benefit you with new ideas and might get a bulb to sparkle up in your head.

How does YouTube pay you?

After you get through the above process and your balance starts building up, its finally time for you to get paid. YouTube only allows you to get paid after you have earned at least $100. As for the payment process, you will have to confirm Google your name and address. Google might also ask for some tax details according to your country. After you have gone through this form-filling process, now comes the part where you choose how you would like to get paid. YouTube pays you through checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), wire transfer and Western Union.


Earning from YouTube might seem a bit of an exhausting experience. But before you give up remind yourself why you started in the first place. Your first priority should be to make original content. If you can once get the wheel rolling at first, your channel will be filling your pockets in no time.

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