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LinkedIn is marking Pride with a temporary logo update on its desktop homepage, as well as new stickers and profile background images.

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The professional network recently held a virtual event featuring Karamo Brown of Queer Eye, who said during the event, “The spirit of Pride is empathy, education and equality. It’s about people saying, ‘I want equality and deserve equality.’ It’s about asking people to be empathetic to our experiences, and to understand what we’re going through, so that you can join our fight. I mean, we just saw yesterday where the Supreme Court finally said, ‘Yeah, we can’t fire you because you’re gay.’ I want people to think about that. Yesterday, people finally said, ‘We can’t fire you because you’re gay.’ That means that we should still be in a space of understanding. That as we’re going to Pride and we’re celebrating where we’ve come from, we’re also educating ourselves on where we need to go and having empathy as allies and as members of the community ourselves, and continuing to try to stride and fight.”

This LinkedIn Learning path on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for All is available free-of-charge through Aug. 31. Courses include:

Finally, the professional network is encouraging employees and members to share their personal stories and experiences using the hashtag #OutOnLinkedIn.

Join nitronet and many of this year’s Pride Stars, LGBTQ leaders creating an impact in advertising, marketing, and culture, this Friday at 12pm ET for a live discussion on how they are personally and professionally navigating these turbulent times. Save your virtual seat.

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