How YouTube Search Algorithm Works : Complete Guide for Creators


YouTube Search itself

We all know about Google Search Engine. YouTube is also a Search Engine and it is the Number One Search Engine when it comes to Video Search.

So, the YouTube Search itself has a bigger responsibility in directing viewers correctly to the relevant content as it is also a particular kind of Search Engine. YouTube Search aims to surface the most relevant videos and channels according to what people type in the Search box.

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The results aren’t just based on the most-viewed videos. When videos are ranked the things which are most likely considered are how well the title, descriptions and video itself match each query. Other than that, YouTube looks at which videos have driven the most watch-time and engagement for a search phrase.

Takeaway for Creators

So, what can you do to help your Videos get found in Search Results more often ? Consider following.

  • Use relevant search terms in your titles and descriptions

For this you can use Google Trends to see which words people are searching for. The key here is being relevant. Many people use clickbait titles to attract Audience. It’s no harm to utilise the element of shock in your titles but don’t try to trick viewers, or they may abandon your video early and that could hurt your video’s performance deeply in the long run.

  • Write full descriptions: Up to one to two paragraphs

I have seen majority of Creators only put their social media links and affiliate links in the description yet completely ignore the context that should be placed in description. Placing a relevant description is more weighted factor when it comes to Search Algorithm and failure to do so leads to potentially miss out a lot of extra views.

  • Pay attention to trending and seasonal topics

Consider making videos around the trending and seasonal topics, especially within your own content category. This could lead new visitors to discover your content easily.

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