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Today, Im going to show you my personal method on how Im currently earning an extra £250-£500 per week on Youtube and how anyone with zero knowlege can replicate this process with a little bit of creativity.

An extraordinary amount of people are asking the question “How to make money on youtube?” every month (to be exact its around 90,500) people.

As of 24/06/2020 this is what Google shows on how many people are searching for “How to make money on youtube” — crazy that we have access to this sort of information?

I realised that these people, people like you, see the massive opportunity presented to everyday people like me, you, and you’re friends, yet out of Billions of people who have access to the Internet, only 90,500 people per month realise this and are searching for making money methods on Youtube.

You know what I say to this?


More traffic and sales for people like you and me.

Today, Im going to show you my personal method on how Im currently earning an extra £250-£500 per week on Youtube and how anyone with zero knowlege can replicate this process with a little bit of creativity.

Before you keep on reading Im going to be 100% real with you.

Consistency, self discipline, and motivation will get you results with this method. If you dont put the effort in, you’re not going to see results.

One last thing — for anyone who wants to watch the video version of this article go ahead and visit my blog and scroll down to the video “How I make money with Speechelo”.

Let’s begin.

Most people think the only way to make money on Youtube is adsense (money generated by youtube overlaying adverts on your videos).

Depending on your niche with vary on your income directly from Youtube but let’s be generous and say per 1000 views you will earn $1.

This means every 10,000 youtube views you will only earn $10.

You will need youtube videos going viral everyday to make any sort of a acceptable income.

This of course can bring in an income BUT the way I like to do things will generate me around $20-$60 per 30–60 views.

What do you think is easier to do; viral traffic or targeted traffic?

If you said viral traffic — Sorry, but no.

Everyone is going for the viral effect because not alot of people understand the power of targeted traffic.

You would need to get 30,000+ views to earn the same amount from 30 views of targeted traffic.

So, how is this done?

Simple, ranking videos answering problems people have.

It’s a matter of positioning yourself infront of people when they need you.


How do I that?

Most people think this is a really difficult thing to do which is either based on pure luck or trickery tactics.


Most people are wrong.

Like I said above it’s a matter of answering peoples questions and positioning yourself.

This can be done in 5–10 minutes flat.

Remember above in the intro of this article where I showed you how many people are searching for the search phrase “How to make money on youtube”?

Well, I found that information from a free tool called Google Keyword Planner — all you do is type a word or phrase and it will show thousands of variations and search volumes of that very search phrase.

This means you can determine just how many people are looking for a specific thing or typing a specific question.

Before I carry on I encourage you to have a watch of this case study showing you the exact process I took to get instant rankings in a random niche following this exact process.

If you think the above video was luck — well I did it again for you in a different niche.

Both of these ranking videos are niches I’ve never done anything with before, yet I managed to get rankings.

I got rankings because ranking videos on youtube is not luck and does not require trickery.

All it requires is a tiny bit of research at the start.

Look, making money on youtube with adsense is not the only way to make money and is likely only going to bring in peanuts if you cant create the viral effect.

So, How do I earn around $50–$180 per day with non viral youtube videos?

This is a snapshot of my earnings from June 11th 2020 — June 23rd 2020 from ONLY one platform called ClickBank — I have 7 other platforms I use showing an income from youtube money making methods.

Affiliate marketing.

To summarise affiliate marketing; You take peoples products and send traffic to them. If they purchase within 30 days you earn a commission.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is

  • you can create 1 video and earn from it forever
  • you dont need to deal with customers or the owners of the product you’re promoting
  • you can focus on multiple products and never be limited by anything.

Here is how you can do affiliate marketing on youtube:

Step 1: Find an offer on ClickBank or type affiliate platforms and signup for free

Step 2: Create a youtube channel all about your offers
EXAMPLE: If you offer is about back pain then make a video around every problem someone has about back pain like “how to get rid of back pain”.

Step 3: With every offer you promote you will have a special link you use and give to potential customers. Simply put that URL into your description and move onto the next video.

That’s really it.

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