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Halo Top is encouraging customers to stop “shoulding” themselves and enjoy a pint.

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The light ice cream brand teamed up with Heat, Deloitte Digital’s agency, for the first time to produce a new campaign titled “Dance,” which takes Halo Top into a new era of body positivity branding.

The 30-second spot features a woman dancing unapologetically around her apartment to music by artist Mama Haze while she eats a pint of cookie dough Halo Top ice cream. Quotes with “should” statements, such as “I ‘should’ lose weight,” “I ‘should’ work out more” and “I ‘should’ eat more salads” appear on screen while the dancer continues to exude confidence in her figure.

“Our fans put a lot of pressure on themselves, and both men and women alike struggle with the ‘shoulds’ in their lives, especially around body image and food choices,” Shilpa Gadhok, senior brand manager at Halo Top said in a statement.

The campaign aims to encourage consumers to put those “shoulds” behind them and not be afraid to indulge in what brings them happiness.

Past ads from the low-calorie ice cream brand have featured a different tone. A 2019 ad naming Halo Top the “ice cream for adults” and a 2017 ad featuring actors being force-fed ice cream by robots both took a dark comedy route.

Gadhok said the brand hopes this new body positivity ad will encourage customers to take a moment out of their day to “rejoice in who they are and what makes them happiest while enjoying dessert.”

Ads focused on positivity among all communities are trending in the ice cream space in particular, with Häagen-Dazs launching a “Don’t Hold Back” campaign focused on inclusiveness, and Ben and Jerry’s focusing its efforts on uplifting the LGBTQ community, the Black Lives Matter movement and refugees.

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