Fall in love with YouTube marketing


this is the easiest way to market online. I started with my YouTube channel — books in tamil. So within one year, i got around 3400 subscribers. This is very less compared to others but the reach that I get is amazing. Here are the tips for you

creating quality content — find the right niche. Most people don’t choose the right niche. Don’t choose niches that are for short term. In my opinion, you should be focusing on niche that you are interested in. There has to be demand for the niche as well. Online teaching is good nowadays which would have growth in the next 5 years.

adding description and hashtags — yes you can write blog in the description area. Most people do that and it includes all the affiliate links as well. Just copy/paste the list every time you post a video. It’s not spammy or boring, affiliate links are checked even after one year of posting the video.

sharing with right people — you should have a right following. Imagine I create videos about shopify website and I am sharing with the group to web development/coding, there will be no progress. But if you share on facebook groups talking about shopify or on reddit groups , there will be more people interested in your stuff.

Getting more subscribers is easy — here is what I do! I comment on 10 videos that I watch daily. I post a supporting answer in the comments section which brings others to check my channel. The more you make useful comment, you will be rewarded with subscribers.

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