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Starting a youtube channel is simple however growing and being successful on Youtube is harder, obviously. In this article, I will be going over how to start your Youtube channel correctly and how to market it to success.

Starting at the creation of a youtube channel, create one through your Google account. Find a name that is unique to you and to nobody else, so that you can immediately distinguish yourself from the rest. Branding is eternally important for everything, from business to just common terminology.

Next, find out what niche/area of youtube you want to be in. Are you into makeup? Gaming? Find your interests and associate them to your channel so you can have the most fun out of your channel. This is also important to help you to find your target audience, a primary way to help increase your views and community/marketing.

After finding and confirming your identity, find a designer to get your graphics ( logo, banner, thumbnails). If you are a designer, congrats. You probably saved yourself some money. If you aren’t, try to discuss terms with the graphic designer and find a rate that he/she would work for you by. Find a common ground and get your graphics.

Next up, find an editor. Nowadays, edits in a video is nearly crucial.It appeals to the viewer and also looks more “clean” and “professional”. Find an editor who can work for you, like the graphic designer. There are free graphic designers and editors out there, however their work may or may not be better than the paid editors/designers. After finding an editor, you must find time to record and upload your content. Find a special place in your living area to record where it won’t give too much of your privacy away(unless you want to give it away) or a good spot for you to do your thing. Try to make a script or something planned beforehand to ensure that you will get it right within a few tries, work on your lighting, your area of view in the video to make it look great.

After uploading, the marketing/adding the finishing touches to the video are next. Add an upload description default in your channel studio settings (Youtube Studio > Settings > Upload Defaults) and set your default video description. Add your other socials, add tags, add a video description or maybe sponsors when you get them.

When you start marketing, find some main platforms you plan to use to start you presence on the Internet. Use Instagram, discord, something like that. Your target audience will also affect your decision. If you’re a gamer posting gaming content, maybe discord is best way to go, since it’s mainly for gaming purposes. If you’re up for news and updates, maybe use Twitter. Find your target audience and base your decision off that.

Marketing for youtube channels is tough but also quite simple. Use giveaways, tournaments, and big events to your advantage. Host giveaways to have people flock to your channel and subscribe/watch your videos. Join tournaments and become #1, or a top position to boost your fame, or host your own with prizes to get others to come to you. Go to big events, such as maybe TwitchCon, Dreamhack, etc. or ask your friends and family to watch your videos and share your videos with their friends. Or maybe even come up with your own way of marketing that has never been seen before. Youtube hosts many new chances and possibilities for everyone to try.

Please remember though, you won’t become automatically famous from posting a video. It takes time, patience, and work. Another tip of advice I have is to find your own flair, your own trend. Do something that only you do and you will get recognized for. For example, MrBeast has made a name for himself by giving away things FOR FREE to people in need and his friends. People love watching his videos not only because of that but also because of his personality, which is kind and welcoming. Relate with your target audience and do your very best to succeed!

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