How To Rank Your YouTube Videos On Google In 24 Hours ?!?!


Before you ask, Yes, I realize exactly how clickbaity this title sounds. That is exactly how it sounded to me when I first heard the very same claim. But trust me, you will want to keep reading.

Especially since I’ve been dabbling in internet marketing in varying degrees since 2006. As you can imagine I’ve heard a lot of guru’s make a lot of wild claims over those years.

Luckily, I’m your traditional cynical New Yorker; so, I’d like to think that I’m not the most gullible guy around.

Regardless, I’ve taken quite a few courses over the years, and let’s just say they all haven’t all lived up to the billing.

So, as you can imagine when I first saw Paul Murphy, an unassuming — somewhat disheveled, but even more affable Englishmen, make this very audacious claim; my first reaction was a ninja-like combination of eye rolls and dry heaves.

This Is Paul Murphy — Hopefully, My Description Above Makes More Sense Now.

Despite all my best New York sensibilities, Paul’s down-to-earth demeanor and friendly disposition kept me watching his Youtube videos. — Yes, I know I got sucked in.

At this point, you might be thinking, oh boy. I could sell this guy the Brooklyn Bridge


Your interest is peaked like mine was, and your thinking, where is he going with this, no way this works, right?

If you are still reading, I’m assuming you’ve paused enough of your cynicism to at least read this article to the end, so at the very least you can call me a putz. 🙂

Back to Paul…

I kept watching his Youtube channel as he talked about how he has become the top affiliate for some of the biggest affiliate launches on the market. But the part that was really interesting was that he was doing it without spending a dime on paid advertising.

He gave specific examples of the products he was crushing it with and even showed the backend of his affiliate dashboards, showing the 10’s of thousands of dollars a month in affiliate commissions.

So, as you can imagine seeing specific examples of his results gave him a lot of credibility in my mind. But still, I wasn’t going to take what he showed at face-value. I was determined to double-check the Google rankings for myself.

I figured this is where I would prove his claims were a crock… So, I Googled…

Paul Ranking 2 Videos on the First Page of Google for “Kartra Review”

The first result I Googled was, “Kartra Review”, and there he was with 2 videos on the first page of Google for the sales funnel builder that is giving Clickfunnels (the market leader) a run for its money, in my honest opinion.

But anyone can get lucky once, right?

So, I Googled “Groovepages Review” and…

Paul In The First Position for “GroovePage Review”

So, this went on for a while and I confirmed the results he shared for myself. And, as you can imagine he was showing up on the first page of Google, for FREE, for commercial intent terms that were making him over $50K a month in affiliate commission.

So, now my brain was really swirling with the possibilities. I mean if you have a duplicatable process that can help you rank on the top of YouTube and front page of Google consistently, the possibilities are endless.

At this point, I need to try out the Affiliate Tube Success Academy for myself to see if these results really worked. I decided to get access to the course and do my own review for one of those websites I’ve been tinkering around with for the last few years.

You can read my Affiliate Tube Success Review on Or if you’d like to take a look inside the course and watch my review, do it below.

If you don’t want to watch the full review above, take a look at this short follow-up video. What I did was test the program to see how long I would rank the video above and I reveal it in the video below.

As you can see I ranked the video for Affiliate Tube Success Review on the front page of Google in under 20 Minutes.

But if you are like me you might be wondering well what about this second video? Well, I haven’t gotten around to making another video, but I did take a screenshot of the front page of Google for this video just 11 minutes after publishing it.

Now, my results are not alone, as part of the course you get access to the Facebook group and people are posting daily about getting rankings for their videos.

Here are a couple of examples…

You may be wondering well will this work for other industries outside of affiliate marketing. And, that’s the beauty of it once you learn to rank Youtube videos consistently, it’s a Google property, which means Google loves showing these results.

Between the two you are looking at the top 2 biggest search engines in the world.

If you are looking to rank videos at the top of Google, from what I’ve seen the Affiliate Tube Success Academy course is the best-kept secret on the market. But, what I can tell from the group is that it might not be for too long, as the word seems to be getting out quickly.

Now, one knock on the course is that it’s not cheap. So, I would really recommend that you take advantage of this FREE full training that Paul has made available to see if the course is for you before buying.


Full Disclosure: This article does contain affiliate links and if you decide to sign up for Affiliate Tube Success Academy, Clickfunnels, or Kartra I will get paid a commission. So, if you do thank you in advance! 🙂

Also, for those of you looking to get Kartra or Clickfunnels check out my bonus page here. I actually got the ok to give you FREE access to the 24 HR Ranking Formula as Bonus!

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