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In the current digital age, it has become easier to make money. It is as simple as opening an account of an online platform and joining its money making program. Youtube is no exception. The site offers its users the chance to make money.

One of the leading ways that Youtubers make money is through adverts. Youtube runs a program known as AdSense that allows ads to be played on their video. All one has to do is to join the Youtube Partner program and have their video have more than a thousand subscribers. Youtube then monetizes the video through display, pre-roll as well as other advertising formats. The owner of the video receives 55% of the revenue based on the video impressions and clicks.

Another ways that Youtubers make money is through brand sponsorship. Lucrative brands or companies will implement “influencer marketing” by paying a Youtube content creator to promote their products or brand. For instance, a company can have a Youtube influencer use their product in their video. This is meant as a way to promote their brand. The company and the Youtube content creator agree on a fee depending on how viral the video becomes and the number of views and clicks.

Affiliate marketing is another technique Youtubers make money. In this mode, Youtube content creators are allowed to put links in their videos that offer promotional codes. The links mostly send the users to various e-commerce sites, where they can view products or purchase them. The links, also known as affiliate links, are coded with special tracking IDs that allow the Youtuber the chance to enjoy a portion of each sale when their link is used.

When all is said and done, Youtube is a great way to make money. Youtubers can make money through the Youtube Partner program AdSense, brand sponsorship and affiliate marketing. All one needs is to join Youtube and join any of the programs to start earning money.

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