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“Surely there’s more than that!” you’re thinking.

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Nah. We only have six, so check them out for yourself below…

1. For Instagram Model

There are free apps that can make your photos look sharper, brighter and even trippier than the fx that might be available on a social platform like Instagram. One cool one is called “Hyperspectiv.” Here you can add great effects to any photo or video for free. Also you can buy some of the effects through a subscription, but the free effects are pretty cool and will blow all your viewers away!

2. For YouTubers

Ever looked into the eyes of your favorite handsome YouTuber and see a white horseshoe or circular reflection in his or her eyes? It’s because they have a special light sitting in front of them reflecting back to make their pretty face light up! The Selfie Light is obviously influenced by make up mirror lights, but they are cooler than that. The light comes with a stand that you can straighten up and down, but most importantly it comes with a phone attachment so you can look into your phone camera and record your video hands free! You can get one for as low as $36 bucks on Amazon.

3. For Gamers

Do you play video games over Twitch and wish you had a bigger audience
that would give you monetary tips when you go Live? Then you need a Facebook Page to organize your crew. A Facebook Page has many advantages to starting an online group and its not rocket science to set one up. Lots of online marketers use more than one platform to organize new audiences and to “notify” them when you’re active, so don’t be afraid to try this idea yourself.

4. For DJs

Have you heard of iRig? Look this gadget up because you are going to need to order one. IRig is an amplifier wire to plug your DJ mixer into so you can turn around and insert it into your laptop or iPhone to live with your decks over your favorite social platform. You see, it’s about taking an analog signal and converting into a digital one and iRig makes this job easy.

5. For Life Coaches

You need “drone porn.” Sure, you could take videos with your phone of your new puppy or catch some snow falling to the ground, but come on! What you really need is a drone to take your iPhone 11 or fancy digital camera up into the stratosphere! There it can take video shots of your city-scape, glimpsing what the tops of skyscrapers look like with your wide-angle lens. Maybe you could catch a birds-eye view of a sunset along the ocean — but anyway, there’s nothing like having drone footage to edit in between your motivational speech to inspire your audience even more.

6. An Audience

Most importantly you need eyeballs on you to make yourself into a social media icon, but first you need to learn the nuts and bolts of the equipment you need, so take these tips as a good place to start. The audience will definitely come in time with your ducks in a row in the beginning.

What else do I need?

Well, we all know it’s not easy to be an overnight success online with your vlog, blog or podcast, but the six things mentioned above will surely help you move forward with your dreams of super stardom online!

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