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For many people, starting a Youtube channel seems like a dream. You get to make your own schedule, work from home, and make videos about topics you are passionate about. Despite these benefits, starting a channel in 2020 can be daunting — especially because it seems like everyone and their mother is making Youtube videos. So that poses the question: is it too late to start a Youtube channel in 2020?

The simple answer: No!

Here’s why:

There Is So Much Data

While Youtube has been around for many years, creators are constantly evolving to fit the trends of the current day. In 2015, this meant creators would post room tours or prank people in Central Park. Today, this means so much more. There are over 31 million Youtube channels today and while not all of them are making videos, the millions that are post videos about almost anything. There are baking channels, gaming channels, tech review channels, vloggers, and more.

With so many channels posting such a variety of content, a large amount of data is being generated that you can use to your advantage. By looking at what content gets the most views, you are able to see what may or may not work for you. For instance, if you want to start a baking channel and you see that baking tutorials for cakes do better than tutorials on how to make bread, then you can focus your efforts on cake-making tutorials.

You Can Make Your Own Category

However, if one of these pre-defined categories (gaming, art, baking) is not for you, you can create your own. Say you enjoy fashion and testing out new things. You can make a channel where you test out trendy online boutiques or order mystery clothing boxes from websites like Poshmark. Sometimes, the weirdest combinations of talents and hobbies makes for the best channel.

You Can Provide a Unique Perspective

Everyone comes from their own unique background. The way you were raised, your education, your interests, and a variety of other factors feed into what you know and how you feel about certain topics. This can be especially useful on Youtube where everyone is looking for valuable information.

If you have an interest in graphic design, share your talent! You can make videos about what you do during the day as a graphic designer or amateur tips. If you are a new mom and recognize struggles of being a first-time parent, make videos about what these struggles are and how to resolve the problems.

Everyone has their own unique perspective, so share what you know!

So, armed with these tips, get out there and create!

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