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In today’s trend, 63% of business was using video as a marketing tool. Video marketing is a powerful strategy there is no doubt. Customers watch videos on our computer mobile devices and TV’s.

In Business creating billboards, video playing is one of the strategies on-trend. Video content is on high demand, using by business owners and marketers to drive revenue.

What is video marketing?

Video is using to promote and educate your target audience. It also used to increase brand awareness and social media engagement, allowing you to reach a new and bigger audience.

Video marketing doesn’t mean you have to create shows your personality that people fall over ahead.

Video content allows you to prove concepts faster and more clear. By using your sense of hearing and your sense of sight together, creating a rich learning experience. Whereas text-based content limits you to be bold your sight.

By opting Video marketing campaigns will help to grow your business. Here are some basic video marketing strategies that will help you in making video marketing strategies.

Define your audience

Start thinking of who you’re going to serve products or services. Know your audience in terms of gender age, profession, interest, or whatever information you can dig up, can help you shape the format and content of your videos.

If you have an existing list of customer persona then start from that list. Or else do simple a customer survey or one to one calls and ask them specific questions.

If you don’t have any customers yet, you can use audience research tools like Facebook audience insights. Email collecting on the website etc. You will need a Facebook ad to account for this. On these accounts, you can embed your videos to get viewers to help to promote the business.

Main categories for objectives

There are three main objectives in video marketing to grow your business these are brand awareness, education, and entertainment.

Brand awareness videos are usually short and the purpose is to make people aware that you exist. That’s why the length of the short video is enough to promote the brand. The main point is that the viewer should know the brand name and have an idea of what they provide.

Educational videos are like the ones we create on YouTube. Educate the viewer about your brand and services. So that they can engage with your business. Entertainment videos are like shows and series. Often create your business as stories like where your business is working and how they create and complete the project. Create your business series ad videos around extreme which draws in their target customers.

You can choose a primary aim based on what you want to achieve or related to your business.

Create the content

While creating the video follow some video creating strategies like:

optimal length

Content length will usually determine by your primary aim. The brand awareness campaign can be as short as 15 seconds and usually won’t exceed a couple of minutes.

And think of commercials or those ads that play before you catch certain YouTube videos.

Educational content will be anywhere from 5 to 120 minutes. As for entertainment also vary the duration. This type of video ranges from 10 to 180 minutes depending on the format.


This is where you will see quite a bit of variance as it depends on your audience’s aim industry and the message you want to convey across your audience.

Making a video content on Problem solving make your content interesting and it’s something recommended leading with conversions.

Educational videos will usually have a clear cut solution. Where areas videos that go the entertainment route will likely have stories that lead to the solution or conclusion.

Through organic reach, means raking your videos on YouTube and Google as well as recommend through other YouTube features like suggested views and browse features. Put efforts on YouTube SEO Services which will give u free and consistent growth over time in your business as well on rank your website.

YouTube SEO Services in Hyderabad works particularly well if your main aim is education. People will always be searching for helpful tutorials on various topics. Rather than going deep into how to do YouTube SEO.

Embed videos on your blog or landing pages

If you have websites where you are already getting consistent traffic it’s worth embedding your videos in relevant places. Embedding videos on relevant posts have helped to rank the videos In Google video carousels.

Through other social media platforms

If you already have a following Facebook twitter & LinkedIn you can post your videos there. if your goal Is to get people to consume your content, you can try uploading the entire video to the social media platforms and see how they perform.

But if your goal is to get people to your tube channel then I recommend creating short teaser clips and uploading them to the social platform. Within the description add a link to your YouTube video. Every industry ad every audience is different too. Try both of these tactics and don’t be afraid to throw a bit of money into social media ads.

Video ads

Try the video ads on Facebook and YouTube. Facebook tends to work well for brand awareness and lead generation videos for growing the business.

Lead generation videos are ones where you ask people to opt-in for a webinar or something free.

From there you nurture the lead and the try to sell your business product. Facebook has the best audience targeting features. So if you know your audience well it can help you get engaged views fast.

As for YouTube use discovery ads for the full length. The ads that appear at the top of YouTube search results as well as In the suggested sidebar.

You can also do keyword targeting where your ads will appear when a user searches for specific words or phrases.

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