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The printed books have arrived, and they are shipping now! Meet “Click!”, our new practical guide on how to build trust, increase conversion and boost business KPIs effectively — without alienating people along the way. Written by Paul Boag. Jump to table of contents and get the book right away.

You’ve been there before, haven’t you? Perhaps your manager insists on using a dark pattern to trick customers into buying. Or an A/B test has just shown that an annoying pop-up does increase sign-ups. Or maybe you always end up firefighting negative reviews and angry customer inquiries and your calls to action don’t perform well.

Whether we are designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, or product owners, we are all in the same boat. We want to give users a good experience, but we also need them to take action. More often than not, these things are considered to be mutually exclusive, but they don’t have to be.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Paul Boag to work on Click! How To Encourage Clicks Without Shady Tricks, a detailed guide on how to increase conversion and boost business KPIs without alienating customers along the way. A book that shows how to increase clicks, build trust, loyalty and drive leads while keeping users respected and happy at the same time. Jump to table of contents and download a free PDF excerpt (17.3 MB).

About The Book

There is no shortage of books on marketing and user experience. But when it comes to bridging the gap between the two, many of us struggle to find the right balance. As businesses, we need to meet out targets — be it with install app prompts, newsletter overlays, or infamous chat widgets. But as designers, we don’t want to end up with a frustrating user experience. We really need both, and we need a strategy to get there.

That’s why we’ve written Click! — a guide with practical strategies for improving conversion and retention while building user’s loyalty and trust. The book explores how to effectively address user concerns, overcome skepticism, and encourage users to act — helping you meet your business targets and KPIs along the way. Whether you are a designer, marketer, entrepreneur or product owner, this book will surely help you avoid hidden costs and drive sales.

Here’s a short video message from Paul Boag, the author of Click!, explaining why he’s written the book and what it’s all about:

By reading this book, you will learn to:

  • Measure and boost business KPIs effectively,
  • Build a user-centric sales funnel,
  • Reduce risks and address objections,
  • Build trust and overcome skepticism,
  • Persuade people without alienating them,
  • Establish a strategy for higher conversion.
  • Psst! A little surprise shipped with the first 500 books.
  • Download a free PDF sample (17.3 MB) and get the book right away.
The book features interface design examples that take ethical design principles into account. Large preview.
The cover and chapter illustrations carefully designed by Veerle Pieters.

Table Of Contents

The book is split into 11 chapters. We’ll start by exploring the psychology of decision making and how to measure conversion. Then we’ll build a user-centric sales funnel and address user concerns effectively. Finally, we’ll explore how to encourage users to act without alienating them.

Per Axbom“This is a great book on how to practically, and ethically, optimise website conversion rates. Before, I was roughly aware of what CRO was, but now I feel confident to start implementing these techniques in projects. As you would expect, Paul explains all of the concepts in an easy-to-follow and friendly manner.”

— Dave Smyth, Agency Owner

Per Axbom“I picked up a super simple testing idea, and saw a 42% lift in conversion rate. It was surprising to me, so I ran it again to significance with the same result. That equates to about 2.5 million USD/year in revenue at no additional cost. So I’d say I got my money’s worth!”

— Brandon Austin Kinney, Director of Lead Generation

304 pages. The eBook is available (PDF, ePUB, Amazon Kindle) and printed copies are shipping now. For designers, marketers, entrepreneurs and product owners. Written by Paul Boag. Designed by Veerle Pieters.

About the Author

Trine FalbePaul Boag is a leader in conversion rate optimisation and user experience design thinking. He has over 25 years experience working with clients such as Doctors Without Borders and PUMA. He is the author of six books and a well respected presenter.

Technical Details

  • ISBN: 978-3-945749-83-8 (print)
  • Quality hardcover, stitched binding, ribbon page marker.
  • Free worldwide airmail shipping from Germany. (Check your delivery times). Due to Covid-19 and import restrictions, there could be some delays. But you can start reading the eBook right away.
  • eBook is available as PDF, ePUB, and Amazon Kindle.
  • Get the book right away.
A quality hardcover with a bookmark. Designed with love by Veerle Pieters. Photo by Marc Thiele.
A quality hardcover with a bookmark. Designed with love by Veerle Pieters. Photo by Marc Thiele.

Community Matters ❤️

With Click!, we’ve tried to create a very focused handbook with pragmatic solutions to help everyone create a better digital product that doesn’t get abandoned due to the sheer number of pop-ups, install prompt and newsletter box overlays.

There is quite a bit of work to do on the web, but our hope is that with this book, you will be equipped with enough techniques to increase conversion and the number of happy customers.

Producing a book takes quite a bit of time, and we couldn’t pull it off without the support of our wonderful community. A huge shout-out to Smashing Members for their ongoing support in our adventures. As a result, the eBook is and always will be free for Smashing Members. Plus, Members get a friendly discount when purchasing their printed copy.

Stay smashing, and thank you for your ongoing support, everyone!

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Promoting best practices and providing you with practical tips to master your daily coding and design challenges has always been (and will be) at the core of everything we do at Smashing.

In the past few years, we were very lucky to have worked together with some talented, caring people from the web community to publish their wealth of experience as printed books that stand the test of time. Trine, Alla and Adam are some of these people. Have you checked out their books already?

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