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DoorDash is giving fans of five popular restaurant chains that it is partnered with a way to ease the pain of not being able to dine in at their locations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The food delivery service is using Snapchat’s augmented reality technology on a lens that re-creates the interiors of Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse, enabling Snapchatters to visualize themselves eating there.

DoorDash kicked off a program last month, The Lunchroom, to create video chat backgrounds and curated Spotify playlists for 12 restaurant chains it partners with.

When the Lens is activated, Snapchatters will see their face superimposed in AR over the interior of the partner restaurant they select, and they can rotate the camera to explore the interior of each location. Tapping enables them to switch to another restaurant.






Tapping a prompt within the lens enables users to download the DoorDash app directly via Snapchat, after which they can place delivery orders.

Snapchat said the lens is live for select users via Lens Carousel, and it can also be accessed via Snapcode.

Snap Inc. creative strategy manager Tom Bates said in an email, “We love that AR lenses can instantly transport Snapchatters to another place. Knowing that most people’s favorite restaurants are currently off-limits, the DoorDash lens allows Snapchatters to satisfy their yearning for that restaurant experience. It also allows them to easily install the DoorDash app and order a delivery so they can enjoy great food from the safety of their home.”

DoorDash head of consumer marketing David Bornoff added, “We are excited to partner with Snap and extend our latest Lunchroom experience to AR lenses, enabling customers to show love for their favorite restaurants with this unique and fun lens. We can’t wait to see how our customers engage with one another and their favorite restaurants on this channel. The integration to the DoorDash app makes it even more enjoyable for customers to experience their favorite restaurants while at home.”

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