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TikTok Is Growing Up, and So Are Its Users

It might be time to add TikTok to the list of things millennials are killing for other generations. Thanks to the extra time quarantine has afforded people for content consumption and creation, U.S. millennials have joined the Gen Z-dominated app at an increased rate this year, causing a demographic shift as older users pile on.

However, the demographic shift is making it more challenging for marketers to target their ads and influencer campaigns to users who might no longer respond to them—exacerbated as the cost of advertising on TikTok rises.

Analysis: Buyers are worried that Gen Zers might leave the platform if they perceive it’s not “cool” enough anymore.

Some millennials users are coming to TikTok from Instagram as public distaste for its influencers flares, according to Alanna Lynch, CEO of The New York Times experience agency Fake Love. “Influencers and celebrities on TikTok are connecting with us more deeply than ever before because they seem to understand our current headspace.” Read her take in this Voice piece.

It’s a tonal angle that advertisers need to understand as well, as LG’s Poland operation learned after it shared a TikTok video featuring a man taking up-skirt photos of a woman climbing stairs. Facing widespread backlash, the electronics giant removed the video and apologized.

New Study Finds 3 Simple Steps That Will Encourage Event Attendance Post-Pandemic

It’s no surprise that consumers will be wary of large public events in the future, but there’s hope for events willing to do the work, according to a study: 73% of respondents said that three key measures—restroom cleaning, hand sanitizer availability and reduced capacity—would increase their likelihood of attending events in the future. Experiential agency GDX Studios has embraced these preferences, developing an extensive manual with safety and cleaning protocols for activations when in-person events resume.

Learn What It Takes: Experts say it will be on agencies to adapt to new protocols implemented by venues and cities—and they’ll have to get creative to make activations more meaningful.

Can Restaurants Lure Wary Diners Back by Appointing Special Covid Czars?

New York-based upscale eatery and corporate dining room operator Restaurant Associates has created the role of Covid-19 Safety Czar. The job focuses both on implementing safety procedures for dine-in restaurants, and on informing the public of the measures the company is taking. Similarly, Ohio operator Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has created a Covid Task Force. nitronet spoke to experts who believe such positions could become a widespread fixture of the food service industry, providing guidance not only in terms of health, but also on the marketing front.

Looking Ahead: But will these measures reassure the public enough to bring in customers?

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The Winners of New York’s ‘Wear a Mask’ PSA Contest Have Been Revealed

The “Wear a Mask New York Ad Contest” winners were announced yesterday, selected from 600 submissions by the state’s Department of Health after the contest was dreamed up by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daughter Mariah Kennedy Cuomo. The winner, titled “We Love NY,” was created by female-founded production company Bunny Lake Films in partnership with directors Celine Danhier and Aliya Naumoff.

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