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The video creation platform said in a blog post, “Every May, the U.S. celebrates AAPI Heritage Month to recognize the rich cultural history and impact the AAPI community has made. As AAPI Heritage Month reaches its 30th anniversary, it’s important that we not only honor the legacies of those who have shaped the past, but also elevate those who are breaking barriers in the present.”

The schedule follows, with all live shows starting at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET:

  • Tuesday, May 26: Mrs. Dee Penda shares some of her favorite recipes, with TikTok saying that her “whose delicious cooking allows her to connect with cultures through cuisine.”
  • Wednesday, May 27: Recording artist Saweetie Harper shares workout tips for staying in shape/
  • Thursday, May 28: SeanDoesMagic features some of his greatest tricks.
  • Friday, May 29: Music from 88rising.
  • Saturday, May 30: Pottery enthusiast Dax Newman hosts a “Real Talk” discussion on using ceramic art to express himself.

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