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It’s an especially eye-opening Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. A Fishbowl survey found that unfortunately, 70% of Asian Americans in marketing and advertising have experienced bias since the pandemic began. As Marvin Chow wrote, “As if trying to make sense of a global pandemic isn’t enough, we’ve also been thrown heightened dimensions of race, politics and culture to ponder.”

In a special edition of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad in conjunction with D&I TBD, several industry leaders discuss their own experiences and what needs to be done going forward to be an ally. We’ll discuss the two sides of the coin in the model minority stereotype, the difference between ignorance and racism and the leadership opportunity to shape culture. Listen to Judy Lee of Pinterest and a mentor in the nitronet Executive Mentor Program, Michelle Lee of Allure and a member of the nitronet Advisory Council and Bing Chen of Goldhouse share their perspectives.

Please take a listen to this episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad in conjunction with D&I TBD wherever you get your podcasts or play it below: 

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