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I’d like to think that anyone who cruises Metro Manila (and its hideous traffic) every morning couldn’t possibly be oblivious to the The Morning Rush team of Chico and Gino.

My daily commute back in college were spent listening and laughing to Chichi and Gigi’s (innuendo-filled) bickering.

So just imagine how happy I was when I got the opportunity to actually meet and work with my favorite radio duo.

When they split (SFX: sad audience awww), Chico and Gino took their terrific twosome to YouTube.

They top-billed The Versus Show, a fun and hilarious mess of a YouTube show featuring Chico and Gino’s misadventures.

I got the honor of being the show’s new staple writer in late 2018. I had my doubts if I could really channel (no pun intended) the right level of fun and spontaneity the show needs. But I guess I did alright!

Check out my pilot episode. A sponsored episode for Epson.

My laptop, the stickers-filled one, even made a cameo on this episode.

More sponsored deals came for Versus after this one (to our luck!). And the challenge was always the same: Incorporate the product seamlessly without being hard-sell. Easier said than done, to be honest.

Check out the other sponsored episodes I penned for our little show ❤.

A Versus episode dedicated to Sorexidine. A really yummy mouthwash.
Versus and Caltex paired up for a record-breaking episode.
Versus x YumYum instant noodles!

The real joy of being The Versus Show’s writer was having the freedom to make Chico and Gino do my crazy ideas. Plenty of times, they’d joke that I’ve turned them into my playthings.

They’re not wrong though.

Watch me make a cameo here!

Writing for The Versus Show will always be one of my favorite projects as a copywriter. It helped me become more flexible, free-spirited, and to be crazy-levels creative.

Where do you think gargle the song came from? Yep, that’s right, from a really weird place deep in my thoughts.

You can check out more Versus episodes here:

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