There’s nothing worse than putting a bunch of time and effort into making a YouTube video and then nobody actually watches the video, that is, doesn’t get suggested by YouTube and it never hits the algorithm. So today I’m going to help you solve that problem and show you exactly how to get more YouTube views on your videos.

Cameron Fous here with Iconic where we help entrepreneurs create, automate and thrive growing their personal brand. Now again, there’s nothing worse than creating a video and just getting absolutely no views.

It’s very discouraging. It makes us want to give up and a lot of people give up on YouTube because they don’t see instant gratification. I’ve been there.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2009, now on my main account I have a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers and I have tens of millions of views on that channel.

I wanted to start over and show you how to grow an account from 0, and how to get views on your channel by using the proper techniques and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today — 9 simple hacks you can start using today to get more views on your videos.

Hack Number One: creating the right content

You’re probably wondering how do I find what videos to create? And what is the exact topic?

Well, first of all, you have to pick a niche that you want to talk about and the first hack you want to do once you pick that niche is go find all of the top competitors in this niche.

The easiest way to figure out which videos actually work is just going to their channel clicking on their videos tab, sorting them by popularity and looking at what videos are getting the most views, and all you got to do from there is just recreate those videos.

Hack Number Two: Popularity Contest

You might just be thinking that people already made these videos. Why would anybody Re-watch my video?

The thing about YouTube is that is a search engine. A lot of people are coming to YouTube to figure out how to do something. So, if you can create something bigger and better and even longer and it’s also something newer, that’s going to give you more clout than this person.

Because sometimes you can look at a very popular video of theirs, and it might be two years old and it still might be getting traction and a lot of views, but when people see that this video is two years old and then they see a video that was just released yesterday based on the same topic most of the time people want the most up-to-date information.

So never be discouraged by recreating something that somebody might have done already and is very popular. You can create something bigger and better and up to date because people want the latest and greatest.

Hack Number Three: intro and hook

The first 7 to 15 seconds even upwards of 60 seconds of your video is the most important now. When you’re looking at the analytics and data of your YouTube video a lot of times in your watching retention, there’s a huge drop right at the beginning. And the reason behind that is your intro and hook are not strong enough.

The most important thing you do when you first open a video is speak directly to the audience’s problems. If you’re making a video about how to get more views, you should basically spoke directly to the problems that you’re having. You spent so much time on a video, then you release it, and nobody watches it is a big problem.

So well, how do I get more views?

There are two things you must focus on: in the first seven to sixty seconds really hone in why they must watch this video and show just a little preview of what they’re going to learn today.

Hack Number Four: creating a dynamic video

You should always try to make your video Dynamic, shifting shots and angles. Then we also have overlays titles, things to keep you engaged. It’s not just the same thing over and over again.

Human beings have the worst attention span of like any creature on planet Earth. So, we have to constantly try to keep people engaged as much as possible. And the best way to do that is not only provide value and have good content, but continually have a dynamic motion in your video.

Whether it’s a pop in and out zoom, a different camera angle, a different setting a different scene overlays showing clips of previews, or whatever anything you can do to make your video more Dynamic.

It’s going to be more engaging and keep your watch time up and your watch retention up, which consequently will allow YouTube to suggest it and get more people to watch your videos.

Hack number five: optimizing your video to get suggested by YouTube

About 70% of views on YouTube come from YouTube suggesting your videos — there’s the suggested videos that stay on the right or maybe videos you might want to watch later — and in order to get your video placed over there you have to optimize your video.

In hack number one I said to go to your competitors and find out which videos are having the best performance for them and then recreate that video another way to actually get suggested. When people are watching popular videos is where your video might pop up and you can actually copy the Metadata from that video and implement it into yours.

Obviously, you want your title to be slightly different, a little bit more catchy or eye-popping. And if you can, you can actually copy their exact tags using a tool like TubeBuddy — it’s my favorite tool for YouTube, and you can get all the same metadata from the most popular videos and that way you can potentially get suggested on the sidebar from some of your most popular and favorite videos.

Hack Number six: targeting ranked keywords.

This is another tool that you can use with Tubebuddy — is exactly what I use to find popular videos right now and one way to do it is to look at the people in your niche, your competitors.

See what videos are working for them the most, but also look up topics and ideas based off, of keywords that have to do with things that you’re talking about.

You can use a keyword explorer inside of Tubebuddy and it will show you exactly how many times per month these exact keywords and phrases are being searched, and now you can come up with a great list of potential YouTube video ideas based off of what people searching for right now.

There’s nothing more powerful than that, right?

That’s why YouTube is so powerful is because it’s a search engine and if you’re building a brand about how to do something such as: building a brand about how to make money online, how to grow your YouTube channel or how to sell digital products is great right?

Hack number seven: thumbnails/ click-through rate

YouTube is going to give your video the opportunity to get clicked, and the only reason somebody clicks on your video is one: if you’ve got a catchy title. But the most important thing actually, is if you got a catchy thumbnail. So, you really have to focus on creating an amazing thumbnail to get your click-through rate up.

It’s like going to a store and looking at wine bottles — if you don’t know anything about wine, all you’re doing is looking at the fanciest coolest looking label. That’s how I pick one, as I look at the labels like that one looks cool that means it’s got a high click through rate.

It’s the same exact thing on YouTube and Netflix on picking out your wine bottle.

You have to create an amazing-looking thumbnail and some of the highest click-through rate thumbnails that you can do is something like up close picture of your face potentially making a reaction with a title. That’s either sparking an emotion, sparking a question that also is in correlation with your exact title.

That’s going to increase your click-through rate, which will increase your views and watch time on your videos.

Hack number eight: understanding storytelling

When you’re watching a movie or watching a TV show what happens when you’re watching it?

They don’t just spill the beans in the beginning, there’s tension and stress in this kind of build up before you finally figure out what happens in the movie or in the TV show and that’s just basically understanding the science of storytelling.

You always want the climax of your video to be at least halfway on the other back end of your video. You can increase watch retention and increase watch time on your videos.

I’m actually going to teach more and more about the science of storytelling in my actual free training in my eight-week program. If you want more views on your videos, you have to understand the science behind storytelling.

Hack Number 9: choose your niche

This is maybe the most important hack, because this is something that I experienced just recently and also partially why I’m starting a brand-new channel from scratch is to stay on niche.

I built a following in a brand around day trading for 14 years and built up a pretty hefty YouTube channel based on that niche and trying to transition into entrepreneurship YouTube social media marketing has been difficult.

Because once I create a new video and then people see that this new video has anything to do with day trading most of my subscribers aren’t interested. Which decreases my click through rate, decreases my watch time, decreases my watch retention and it totally kills my analytics, ruins my chance to be suggested by YouTube and ruins my rankings on search engine optimization and then it just doesn’t work right.

So that’s why I wanted to start a brand-new channel based only around social media, marketing, entrepreneurship creative content in YouTube. That way all of my data in all my niche is all in one spot and very honed in on similar topics, and when that happens your subscribers also continually see your content and continually see it more suggested by YouTube.

To just really Skyrocket by the algorithm, you have to stay on niche pick a topic that you’re passionate about and that you can consistently keep talking about, and that’s how you are truly going to build an amazing following and blow up your YouTube channel.

Now that you have these nine hacks to blow up your YouTube and get more views, i promise if you implement these strategies you will get more views on your channel and you will finally start feeling good about making videos rather than it is feeling crickets.

If you don’t start implementing these actual strategies and hacks that I just discussed.

You will continue to get crickets and you will continually feel discouraged every time you upload a video.

But if you want to get started in my eight-week iconic entrepreneur program, I have an Ali free training showing you how to blow up your personal brand on social media and scaling your online business selling your digital products 50 thousand dollars plus per month.

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