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Just to give you a perspective, the world today is a funny, scary and weird place. We are facing the COVID-19 pandemic and a global recession on one hand, and companies/employees are trying to figure out ways for long-term Work From Home measures on the other.

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty, two things are very clear to me. This is the best time to upskill oneself and if anyone wants to start investing in the financial markets, no better time than now — May, 2020.

For me, I chose to upgrade my skill in a new field, Digital Marketing, provided by one the leading consultants in this space — Deepak Kanakaraju. The first session highlighted few key aspects of the course along with Deepak’s journey, setting a vision, path to glory, and such. It is exciting to see that just like me, there were plenty of others willing to take up this course, learn a new skill and possibly convert it to an active or passive income for themselves.

Deepak shared a high level overview of Digital Marketing starting with his journey over the last 10 years. According to me, the amazing thing about his journey was the consistency with which he could pursue his passion on a part-time basis along with his full-time job in the beginning. This helped him convert this hobby into a full-time gig with a steady earning capability. Although he started with blogging about motor-bikes, over time he has explored many facets of Digital Marketing and has specialized in quite a few niches that makes him the leading consultant in this space.

Some of the highlighting features of the 1st session were:

· Basics of Marketing

· The importance of Communication and how to improve it

· Identifying a Niche for ourselves

· Possibility of increasing revenues within the next 3 years

· Personal Goals for this Internship program

· A view on Global Economics

· Identifying Market Demands

· Building a Personal Brand

· Mechanism of DM Funnel

Integrated Digital Marketing

By the end of the session, most of the interns were left wanting more and couldn’t wait to play and try things on our own. I guess everyone must have explored a few things about DM on their own and now they probably want to become experts in this field.

All-in-all it was a very productive session that set the tone for the upcoming classes. There is definitely lots to learn for me personally and I feel like the more I learn and start applying myself, the better understanding I will get out the internship. Can’t wait for the next session.

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