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Mike Loveridge is the Head of Conversion Rate Optimization at TSheets by QuickBooks, the world’s top-rated time tracking and scheduling software.

In January of this year TSheets was acquired by Intuit, the #1 financial services company for helping small businesses scale, offering industry-leading tools like QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint.

The Process

Crazy Egg Heatmaps

When tackling a new conversion rate optimization project, Mike generally takes the following steps:

  1. Reviews click data from Google Analytics, and past Optimizely tests, to find out where website visitors might be getting stuck in the funnel and on specific page sections
  2. Uses Crazy Egg Recordings and Snapshots to observe the user experience firsthand to further identify areas of opportunity
  3. Runs experiments with Optimizely and uses Crazy Egg heat maps and Confetti reports as part of analysis during and after the test

The Observation

In the case of the latest experiment on TSheets by Quickbook’s Pricing Page, Mike noticed that website visitors showed off-the-charts engagement with content, but 50% of the traffic wouldn’t ultimately convert.

Crazy Egg Recordings

Crazy Egg’s user session recording tool revealed that a high percentage of potential customers were checking out the pricing information, then scrolling back up to header navigation at the top of the page and clicking off to other sections of the site.

In this case, the header navigation was causing users to get lost on the site and exit the conversion funnel. Mike says, “We wouldn’t have known that if we hadn’t watched the video.

The Hypothesis

Based on the video recordings, Mike concluded that:

  1. Pricing page visitors were getting distracted
  2. People needed more information, or were curious about their other choices

His proposed solution?

Reduce or eliminate the navigation bar so the company could retain more of the traffic, keeping people focused on CTAs and content that would help them make a purchase decision.

The Plan

AB Testing with Crazy Egg

To validate his hypothesis, Mike is currently A/B testing a new scaled-down navigation on a PPC landing page. If the results are promising, he will also A/B test on the homepage, prior to rolling out winning designs in the Fall.

The Ultimate Goal

Mike’s big focus is on ramping up Intuit’s A/B testing velocity and building an experimentation-forward culture. He says:

“We recently scaled to 20 tests a month. It’s amazing how different everything is at the company when you have that additional customer data to work with.”

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