25 Amazing Contact Us Pages That Will Make You Rethink Your Website


The Contact Us page is one of the most visited pages on any website.

That seems like a compelling enough reason to redesign your Contacts section to better meet your users’ needs and grab their attention.

While working on this post, I came across hundreds of beautifully made websites, yet their Contact Us pages were, for the most part, disappointing.

Most Contact pages are made for show, with just an email address, phone, location, and some short boring text on a plain background.

Such run-of-the-mill pages won’t inspire your visitors to leave a message or call the company.

However, I managed to find some Contact Us pages that almost made me forget about writing the article, as I became engaged in exploring the rest of the website.

Let’s get some inspiration from the following 25 amazing Contact Us pages and try to figure out what exactly makes them so special.

The Power of Words

First of all, you do not need to hire a team of designers to come up with a colorful and original design for just for one webpage.

Creativity means thinking outside the box.

Sometimes the right words on a simple background can be more engaging for users than bright colors and fancy pictures.

Here are five examples of webpages that stand out using only a few well-chosen words and a simple design.

1. Make It Interactive

Focus Lab came up with the most brilliant solution for an interactive Contact Us page.

All the visitor has to do is type in a couple of words and select a budget amount (optional).

And voila, the message is ready.

A backup plan is also in place. Visitors can scroll down to view the location, email address, social media links, and phone number.

2. Engage People to Act

thisilove contact us page let's do somethig amazing

Lisbon-based multidisciplinary design studio thisislove came up with an enticing text line for their Contacts page:

“Let’s do something amazing.”

There is no self-advertising or clamoring for attention here, just a friendly offer to start collaborating and achieve something great together.

3. Listen to Your Customers’ Dreams

patric david tell us your dream contact us page

Italian creative agency Patrick David Srls has not done anything special with their Contact Us page.

Still, it grabs your attention and encourages you to send a message.

Who doesn’t want to share their dreams?

Another great strategy was to display contact information in different blocks and use a lot of white space to make it easy find the information you need.

4. Why Not Use Rhymes?

Zeus Jones contact us page stop by and say hi

Marketing agency Zeus Jones has gathered all the necessary elements to show website visitors how much they care.

The final flourish is a great text line at a top of the page.

Friendly and welcoming, it encourages you to scroll down.

There you see a map with the company’s office location, photos of the building, and separate emails for general inquiries, cooperation-related issues, and careers.

5. Become Friends with Your Visitors

don't be a stranger just say hello contact us page

A UI/UX freelance designer from Bangkok has also leveraged words to attract customers’ attention and interest.

The webpage design is simple and clean, so all the white space doesn’t distract you from the text.

The word choice is perfect.

“Don’t be a stranger, just say hello” is a great opening line for engaging visitors to contact your business.

Creativity Boost

How can you tell the difference between good and bad webpages?

Your first impression is the most significant criteria to distinguish a good page from a bad one.

Here are six Contact Us pages that surprise you and elicit positive emotions when you see them for the first time.

6. Checking Our Watches

fantasy contact us page clocks

Companies that have two or more offices in different cities and/or countries usually list their locations in separate blocks, and that’s it.

A U.S. design agency called Fantasy came up with a more creative way to feature its locations.

Instead of just listing the addresses (boring!), they display the current time in San Francisco and New York, where their offices are located.

Not only is this Contact Us page memorable, but it is helpful and practical as well.

7. Being Yourself

let's have a talk brandaffair contact us page

Vision agency Brandaffair is not afraid to experiment with bright colors and creative web design.

It is a pleasure to see that the Contacts page aligns with the website’s general design concept, and all the important information is easy to access.

8. Use Your Imagination

99 designs contact us page

Is it possible to create a memorable Contact Us page without a classy web design and a distinctive opening line?

Yes indeed.

The people at 99designs proved that imagination and unusual ideas can lead to great results.

Their Contact Us page would look ordinary and boring without this weird photo caravan of a woman with a phone.

The meaning isn’t exactly clear, but this webpage will definitely grab your attention.

9. Leveraging the White Space

Jveb contact us page

A content studio from France wants to emphasize how important visitors’ messages are to them.

Jveb Studio turned a Contact Us page into a postcard full of white space.

The floral accents create a nice frame and project a warm and cozy atmosphere.

10. Use Your Brand Name

the parallel contact us page

The Parallel calls itself a “symbiosis of technological expertise in architecture, virtual and augmented reality, high tech and sales.”

However, when it comes to their official website, they use simple graphics and colors.

At first sight, their Contact Us page looks simple and primitive.

But you have to admit that the entire web design resonates perfectly with the brand name.

11. Bring Up Some History

Digital creative studio STAAK has done an excellent job of combining a bright pink background and a cute picture with a warm story about their hometown, and helpful information on their Contact page.

Minimalism Is Always in Style

There are plenty of reasons not to create a colorful design.

To begin with, coming up with an attractive modern design is not a piece of cake.

You may not be able to find a designer with the appropriate skills to meet all your needs.

Another reason is that bright designs do not suit some brands.

Therefore, I have gathered some minimalist Contact Us pages that can hold their own against more elaborate ones.

12. Let Your Email Address Speak for You

94photography contact us page

Ninety Four Photography has created a website that shows their work and proves their professionalism with facts, not words.

Their Contact Us page greets the audience with the desired contact information using only their email address.

Nothing in excess.

13. Simple and Practical

artists web contact us page type or record message

ArtistsWeb found an incredible way to minimize their Contacts page while still providing helpful information.

The page is polite and welcoming, and offers not only the usual ways to start a conversation, but allows visitors to record a voice message as well.

True customer care and great features are a winning duo to stand out among competitors.

14. No Pressure

Co-Ready when you are- partnership

Co-Partnership combined a calm grey background with a conveniently large font for contact details. The message is brilliant, as it does not try to persuade the visitor to contact the business.

The heading is a nice statement that implies that the company is ready to conduct business whenever the client is ready. No pressure.

Another thing that makes this word choice perfect is its allusion to a popular TV series. If you are reminded of the catchphrase “Legen – wait for it – dary!”, it will no doubt bring a smile to your face, and emotional engagement is always memorable.

15. Keeping It Elegant

Le Vermeil contact us page

Vermeil Beauty Salon discovered the perfect way to express their brand’s vibe via their website.

Each page is designed with elegance and minimalism.

The Contact Us page also looks gorgeous with generous amounts of free space, accurate texts and a semi-abstract map.

16. Always at Hand

Amanda Martocchio Architecture contact us page

Contact information does not necessarily have to cover the entire page.

Amanda Martocchio Architecture decided to use a block structure for their official website. Whenever a user clicks the Menu button, the white bar with contacts rolls down.

No matter where you are on the website, you are always only one click away from viewing the Contacts.

Retain Visitors with Scrolling

Some companies like to expand their Contact Us pages over several screens, forcing visitors to scroll down and go deeper into the website.

The key to successfully pulling this off is to make your pages gorgeous, so people do not leave them right off the bat.

Let’s take a look at seven Contacts pages that mesmerize you and keep you on the website.

17. Make It Stylish

galis lahav top of the contact us pagegalis lahav second csreen of the contact us page

The Galia Lahav Contact Us page features a beautifully designed bar, offering quick options to view frequently asked questions, find a store, or send a message on Facebook.

If that isn’t enough, you can scroll down to leave a more specific question.

18. You Can Never Be Too Polite

hugeinc top of the contact us pagehugeinc second screen of the contact us page

Hugeinc ensures great user experience with an upbeat picture and a friendly text.

19. Pixar Magic

pixar top of the contact us pagepixar second screen of the contact us page

Pixar greets visitors with a picture of its office at twilight, welcoming them to scroll down the Contact Us page.

The page is well-thought-out, with a map showing the location, and accurate fields for data and descriptive text that clearly and politely state “no scripts here, please”.

20. Show Your Work

Jean Yves Buchere top of the contact us page a whole team at your disposalJean Yves Buchere second screen of the contact us page

Jean-Yves Bohère combined a video unveiling the company’s workflow process with contact details and a strong title that shows loyalty to their customers.

21. Scrolling Down the Masterpiece

sage culture top of the contact us pagesage culture second screen of the contact us pagesage culture third screen of the contact us pagesage culture fourth screen of the contact us page

Sage Culture has turned their Contact Us page into a masterpiece.

They convince users to linger on the website by using charming pictures and an elegant web design.

Information is displayed clearly and concisely.

22. Hiding Mapsstink contact us page berlin photostink contact us page berlin map

stink contact us page clocks

Stink Studios came up with their own unique way to display contact details for all six of their offices (Berlin, Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles).

When you hover over the picture, it turns into a map marked with the office location.

A clock showing the current time for each office is another excellent way to surprise the visitor.

23. Experiment and Win

The color scheme for TBD’s Contact page may seem a bit unusual, but visitors are not likely to forget the unique design and weather forecast.

Make Them Move

Embedding animated elements into your website encourages visitors to stay longer.

Everyone enjoys clicking on sliders, interacting with logos, and playing mini-games.

Some websites go even farther by including interactive details on their Contact pages.

Let’s check them out!

24. The Beauty of Nature

Copernico animated contact us page

Copernico has done a great job of developing their Contact Us page using calm colors, a simple design, welcoming text and nice animation that reminds us of an expanding flower.

25. Running Letters

Charles Simon animated contact us page

Honestly, Charles Simon’s solution for their Contact Us page doesn’t seem very practical.

It isn’t easy to catch the text and copy it for further use.

But you cannot deny that these animated lines are mesmerizing, and look exceptional on the website.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has made its point about the importance of details.

Smart Contact Us pages attract attention and motivate users to continue exploring the website without feeling pressured to leave a note or drop an email.

Keep in mind that things tend to change, so you might want to consider revamping your webpages periodically, even if they performed great three years ago.

Looking through all these beautiful examples, I have come up with a short list of criteria that make for a successful Contact Us page:

  • Make it attractive and memorable.
  • Explain how the company can help visitors.
  • Make it easy to find from anywhere on the website.
  • Include all necessary information (location; email address; phone number; links to social media channels).
  • Give your visitors a reason to contact the company.
  • Give your visitors contact options (request a call-back, leave a message via the site, etc.).
  • Keep it clear and concise.

Successful Contact Us pages do not have to be overly sophisticated or complicated.

Regardless of whether the page is full of beautiful photos, moving objects, interactive elements, or it is strict and simple, as long as your Contact page provides visitors with a great user experience, helpful information, and a sense that you care, you will win.

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