Empathetic marketing: focus on listening to your customers


We then used TrueView Discovery ads so that the creative was served in response to searches for related queries on YouTube. When someone in our target audience was searching for something like “How do you build self-esteem?” we could respond with a relevant and meaningful ad.

3. Draw customers in with ads that feel more like entertainment

We know from listening to our customers and from third-party research that ads that feel too explicitly like marketing can be a huge turn off. If people are giving us their attention and time, they rightly expect more than a sales pitch in return.

That’s why, with our marketing campaigns, we take inspiration from the content our customers are actually choosing to watch. For example, with our long-form #MissAdventure series, we chose to hire narrative writers and create something that felt far more like a bite-size TV series than advertising.

And with our “In Full Bloom” campaign, we followed YouTube’s creative best practices to make sure our videos blended seamlessly with organic content on the platform. The women talk directly into the camera in a familiar, informal tone, creating an intimate moment that is both informative and entertaining, making viewers feel like they’ve discovered something of value rather than just another ad that’s talking at them.

The power of empathetic marketing

There’s power and magic to be unlocked in empathy and listening—for brand leaders like myself and for brands that want to lead. With today’s marketing platforms and video technology, the time is more than ripe for it.

So respond to your customer’s desire to be listened to and empathized with, and I guarantee you won’t want to go back.

To find out more about empathetic marketing and what it can do for your brand, watch our Q&A with Mary Beech.

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