Community Over Competition? (FS282)


Have you ever shared ideas with colleagues, a mentor or a student? Has this become a point of concern around originality, ownership or intellectual property? How do we go about navigating these potentially dangerous waters?

We at Fizzle are all too familiar with the perils of these types of feelings but we are also here to tell you how you can get past these issues and transcend the games of jealousy and possessiveness.

In this episode we begin by unpacking the different ways in which we can run in trouble over the ownership of ideas. From there, the discussion turns to some rumination on the freedom of ideas and we look at the history of jazz as a great example of legacy, tradition and individuality.

We also talk about how the communication and reproduction of similar ideas can lead to a rising tide for everyone and how generosity and grace can beget great rewards. A big takeaway from the talk is how reliant any type of culture or progress is on the borrowing and reinterpretation of ideas.

With that in mind we want to inspire you to command and negotiate these areas with joy and openness for your and others’ success. Tune in to hear it all!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Community over competition and the sharing of ideas. [0:06:12.4]
  • Our fears around upsetting our teachers and collaborators. [0:08:41.2]
  • The spirit of creativity, jazz and the borrowing of ideas. [0:12:19.7]
  • The two different views on the limits of intellectual property. [0:16:53.6]
  • Culture or the history of who is borrowing from whom. [0:19:27.4]
  • The rising tide and the insecurity of intellectual possessiveness. [0:25:29.2]
  • Leadership, stepping back and allowing others to shine. [0:31:21.8]
  • The link between generosity and your own success. [0:35:03.5]
  • Understanding the relationship from both points of view. [0:39:21.2]
  • A commitment to honesty and working through difficulty. [0:45:24.2]
  • The continual opportunity for succeeding together with collaborators. [0:51:33.1]
  • And much more!


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