SEO Isn’t Complicated – Here’s How To Get Started (FS285)


Would you like to get more people to visit your website? How can search engine optimization help you do this?

Most of us are aware of the capabilities of SEO to some extent. But it is a challenging and daunting field to enter, so we thought we would supply you with some basics and tips to get your website popping!

In this episode we look at the rise and development in SEO as a methodology and skillset and talk about how to go about optimizing your website from the very first steps to the more advanced ones.

Today on the show we are joined by Matt Giovansci, an old friend and collaborator who we have hosted before on the podcast. Matt runs a number of websites and businesses and has spent the better part of the last two decades perfecting the game of SEO.

We also talk about research, content creation, the evolution of Google and when SEO is necessary and when it is not. Matt gives us great insights from personal experience and his learning to help you on your way

So for all this and much more be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Matt’s history of online work and search engine optimization. [0:04:20.8]
  • A quick introduction to the basics of SEO. [0:05:9]
  • The big change that occurred when Google got wise to link farms. [0:08:41.7]
  • When and why to even bother with SEO. [0:12:38.2]
  • The research and tools that can help you decide how to optimize your site. [0:16:11.2]
  • Using this research as a indicator and influence on your content creation. [0:23:52.1]
  • Comparing free SEO tools with the paid versions. [0:26:59.2]
  • The first steps that Matt took with his first site. [0:29:25.1]
  • Understanding SEO as larger, more advanced, customer research. [0:31:40.8]
  • The importance of patience and quality content in the SEO game. [0:37:38.9]
  • Where we are currently at with Google’s algorithms. [0:42:32.8]
  • Combining and developing content as you learn. [0:46:02.3]
  • Understanding your role in Google’s business. [0:49:55.2]
  • Some info on Matt’s behind the curtain course. [0:51:27.9]
  • A round of quick rife questions with Matt! [0:55:02.1]
  • And much more!

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