Can You Bring A Site Killed By Google Panda Back From The Dead


An SEO said they had to kill off a site because after Google Panda had its way with it, it wasn’t earning enough money to maintain it. Now that site owner is asking if he can bring the site back to life and if Google will treat it any differently.

I assume, if no changes have been made to the site and all you do is bring the site back online – that it will continue to do as poorly as it did after Google Panda knocked it down.

John Mueller from Google responded to the question on Twitter saying something more uplifting and positive. He said “These algorithms reevaluate the site over time, so if it’s a totally awesome & relevant site, we’ll try to reflect that.”

Have any of you tried this in the past?

(1) Killed a site after Panda
(2) Waited years and then relaunched the site as is
(3) Saw the sites rankings do better?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Note: This story was pre-written and scheduled to be posted now, I am currently offline for a holiday.

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