Anna Crowe: Goodbye & Good Luck


Today, we’re both happy and sad to say goodbye to a member of the SEJ family, Anna Crowe.

We’re happy for Anna, because she’s landed a fantastic new job for herself that’s taking her all the way from Florida to Switzerland. Exciting stuff!

But it also makes us sad, because it means we no longer will have the pleasure of working with her every day. Boo!

Anna joined SEJ in February of 2016 as our features writer, tasked with writing in-depth posts about all things search and digital marketing.

Over the past couple of years, she has written 46 excellent posts – many of them epics.

Her most recent post was a guide to Google Analytics. It was so good that the Google Analytics team tweeted it:

Pretty amazing.

You can check out all of Anna’s posts here.

But she quickly took on more and more tasks at SEJ, as it became clear she had a lot more to offer than just written articles.

Anna also has contributed to multiple SEJ ebooks (and, in the case of the original version of our Link Building guide, wrote the whole thing), podcasts, and also helped launch our daily newsletter, SEJ Today, and monthly email earlier this year.

Beyond that, she has also contributed in a lot of ways behind the scenes, coming up with, and implementing, ideas that have helped make SEJ a great experience for our readers and advertisers.

And there is some more good news. You’ll still get to read her writing right here on SEJ, hopefully for quite a while to come, because she has agreed to continue on writing as a contributing author every month.

Auf Wiedersehen, Anna!

Back row: Danny Goodwin, Danielle Antosz, Jessica Cromwell, Jenise Henrikson. Front row: Kelsey Jones, Anna Crowe, Brent Csutoras

While I’m sad to be losing you at SEJ, Anna, I’m also super happy for you. You are incredibly talented and I’m sure you’ll do amazing at your next job, and throughout what will undoubtedly be a long and successful career in this industry.

Thank you again for all of your amazing work. You have been awesome to work with and will be missed.

I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😉

And I’m not the only one who will miss you, Anna.

Here are a few farewell messages from the SEJ team.

Paulo Bobita

Hey, Anna!

I wish you all the best on your new adventure! Thank you for being an amazing teammate to all of us! We will miss ya!

Good luck!

P.S. Check out Swiss typefaces, they are the best! 🙂

Brent Csutoras

Brent Csutoras

Anna is one of those people you cannot help but love to work with, both as a person and a colleague. She is fun, interesting, hard working, dedicated, driven, and continues to improve and grow every day.

Anna, I wish you the best in your new role and welcome you to remain as involved at Search Engine Journal as you would like!

Jenise Henrikson

Anna, I’m so sad to see you go.

Your flexible, creative, and goal-oriented working style has made you a joy to work with, for both myself and the team.

You’ve made major, lasting contributions to SEJ.

But I’m also soooo excited for you and your new adventure! Be good (but not too good) ;). We will miss you!

Angel Niñofranco

Angel Niñofranco

Anna is an impeccable writer, an outstanding marketer, and overall an amazing human being. The breadth of her marketing knowledge is impressive and just working with her on various initiatives within SEJ is a learning experience in itself

To Anna, I wish you all the best on the next chapter of your life and career. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you!

Vahan Petrosyan

Working with Anna was a big pleasure. We will miss her a lot. I wish her luck in her new position.

As she gets closer to me in Europe (Switzerland), I hope we will meet each other from time to time during my trips or at Europe-based conferences. 🙂

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