Google Local Stops Showing Sexual Assault Attorney Listings


Google may have stopped showing listings for searches for Sexual Assault Attorney in Google, both Google Maps and web search. The local panel does not seem to come up very often anymore and/or some listings have been recently removed.

Joy Hawkins posted in the Local Search Forums about this and others in the local SEO community seem to agree. She said some are “noticing tons of local results vanishing for criminal defense keywords related specifically to sexual crimes” are no longer coming up.

When I search for local attorneys that do sexual assault cases, nothing comes up for me. Searches for [rape attorney] or related searches, again, do not come up in the local Google listings. I get a response that reads “There are no local results matching your search.” I am based in New York, so there are plenty of attorneys here.

Here are some screen shots:

I wonder if this change was intentional or not?

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums.

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